DREAM OF BLACK CROWS AND BLACK HORSES--:The black horses symbolize famine and the number four (4 horses) symbolize the four corners of the earth

I saw myself walking down a sidewalk like a normal
day. I then noticed on my left side a chain link fence with a lot of bushes
and vines covering the fence not allowing any view to the other side of it,
so I got curious to find out what was on the other side. When I started to
pass the chain link fence and then looked (on the other side), there were a
bunch of black crows and four black horses laying against the chain link
fence and they were all asleep. But then the black horses started to awake
from their sleep and one of the four horses really caught my attention.
This one horse as it woke up and stood up, I noticed that it was different
from the other three. The horse was black but at the same time it looked as
if it was on fire, not like flames of fire but kind of like a charcoal when
its lit up. You know a charcoal, the ones used for bar b queing. After
seeing what it looked like, it started to move or shake or stretch its legs
getting ready to run or take off, looking towards the street or the world
for that matter. The other three horses just stood behind and the black
crows never really did wake up off their sleep but the horse burning from
the inside was the one the caught my attention the most. I have never
remember dreamt about any horses or any crows, especially black, and I dont
live in a farm or have any interest in them at all. After praying and
asking God about the dream, I believe that He showed me what my dream
The black horses symbolize famine and the number four (4 horses) symbolize
the four corners of the earth. The one special horse with fire and getting
ready to take off symbolizes that a major event is about to happen that is
going to cause great chaos all over the world which will trigger the rest
of the horses to take off and ride the other parts of the world. Therefore
causing a great famine like never before or as in the story of Joseph in
the book of Genesis, but I believe worse. The black crows that were asleep
will eventually wake up and they symbolize that they will feed themselves
on the flesh of the human bodies that will die from the famines, there were
so many black crows I could not number them. The great quantity of crows
just tells me that there will be a lot of death. I hope that this dream is
just that, a dream but I believe that it will come true. I do not know when
but it felt really close. Just wanted to share with you and with some of
the other brothers and sisters who believe in God almighty and His only
begotten Son Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior. Look up and lift up your
heads, because your redemption draws near. (Luke 21:28)


Mar 3, 2016

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