2009 PROPHECY-The next nuclear attack will be from North Korea. The Lord showed me the United States.

For many years I have received words from the Lord. I usually don’t get specific dates but get warnings that are calls to pray. What he gives me is confirmed by others and it almost always comes to pass, according to what God wants. I am not religious, but am a born again believer who has known Jesus since I was 3 years old. I am always open to correction and clarity as I believe each of us only knows in part and putting the parts together gives us a more complete picture. These are prophecies I have been watching for and after seeing your page of visions and dreams, I believed I should share them with you.

Please judge these words as you will. I believe God has put you in as a man for your time. He has blessed you with eyes that see and much boldness.


2009: The next nuclear attack will be from North Korea. The Lord showed me the United States. (Later) I also saw South Korea threatened. Recently I asked the Lord which. He said both. But the most serious is the USA. About the same time I heard of the nuclear threat, my daughter came to me, and said the Lord had shown her the North Korean leader is going to die. Shortly after this the news began to report stories about North Korea. The leader has died and his son has stepped in. Prayer so far has averted things, causing duds, for the most part, but I believe the attack will come. We must pray.

2000: In a vision, while I was out delivering newspapers one morning, I saw what looked like Chinese soldiers floating on rafts, dinghies, and small boats off Cordova Bay on the south-east tip of Vancouver Island. I was hiding and watching them come in. It was a take-over. The event happened early in the morning just at dawn. The water was very calm. It was spring or summertime. The Lord told me that Chinese have been planted everywhere, and are not our friends. The nation of China began to gain power economically and politically a few years later.

2010: I spent two and a half months in Egypt, and met a Christian leader who told me the pastors in that city were secretly meeting for the past six months and praying, because they knew persecution was coming. A prophecy was released by a Coptic priest, who said there were a thousand coffins, many would be killed. Just over one month after returning home, the Arab spring began.

2008: My daughter was shown that Islam would be dismantled and destroyed from the inside out. Around this time, the Lord was speaking to me and said the last places to preach the gospel was the 22 Arabic nations. He said 1400 years was long enough. We were both given a five year timeline. (added in brackets: March 3, 2016 - Not sure when the timeline starts.) I visited Egypt in 2009, and was told by Christians that Islam was destroying itself from the inside out. They said that truth is coming out about the prophet M. After sitting on this for sometime, the Lord reminded me that the gospel would be preached to the ends of the earth and then the end would come, (Matthew 24). I checked out the Arab League…it was 22 nations.

2011: Spend US dollars as they will not be worth anything. Keep the store of food and water I have commanded you to keep. Be very quiet. Speak only when told and always watch and pray. God told me that if we watch and don’t pray, his will won’t be done. (Thy kingdom come, thy will be done.) If we pray and don’t watch, we will be blind and not correctly see. We need knowledge and wisdom.

2011: Day of and after the Japan earthquake. For several hours I received an open vision seeing water rise up on the east side of Vancouver Island and onto the west coast of Washington, along the Juan de Fuca and Haro Straights. Certain rich areas on the Island went under water. He said the next major earthquake will be in the Pacific North West. He said to stay high where I have been told to stay for almost 20 years. I did some research and discovered there is a fault line called the Devils Mountain Fault along this area of Washington State and Canada.

1974: I was a teen and walking to my church. It was a cold winter night. I looked up to the sky and clearly saw Jesus written in the sky. I heard the words that I will see Jesus come, that I will be here at the end. The writing disappeared.

May 16th, 2013: I was driving my car and pondering the things I am seeing. I clearly heard the Spirit say: “I will protect you.” The time is truly at hand. We will see those, who stay close to the truth, saved and protected. We will be a witness and overcome. Those who are not hanging onto the Lord Jesus will be washed away. Most people are on a very slippery slope and there won’t be anything to hang onto outside of God.

I receive many prophecies from the Lord, and was put into the office of prophet in 1982 by recognized prophets. There are things I have been told about the elite before I knew about them. I have had many experiences since my childhood. I speak when God says, and stay quiet when he says. I preach the gospel in very difficult nations. I am recognized in other nations, but not my own. It does not matter to me. I just go when he says, and watch and pray. I have shared all of this with Christians who pray and leaders I am accountable to. My daughter and I have heard you on Coast to Coast. We both appreciate what you are doing. Thank you for taking the time to read these. I hope you find them helpful.

God Bless

Mar 4, 2016

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