Love didn’t stay upon that tree He’s ALIVE again and for eternity, And that’s exactly what He offers me.

The love of God, I think, began,
Before He created this world, or man
Going back, through eternity past,
Beyond that which our minds can grasp.
Was it in quiet gentleness
He created this magnificence?
When the waters split asunder
Did His voice sound as thunder?

This I know of God above
That in creation He gave us love.
And the love God had for sinful man
Grew and swelled into a plan
that was revealed at Bethlehem.

God became himself part of the human race
In an awesome expression of His grace,
And God’s love grew to such degree
From nativity to Calvary,
Where He displayed His love for all to see,
When Jesus died upon a tree,
Because He loved us, you and me.

Such love as this goes beyond our human understanding
That He could love with no demanding,
Of anything in return to Him
Except ourselves and all our sin.

Willingly love was crucified
More amazing than the fact He died
Is that He died for me

Love didn’t stay upon that tree
He’s ALIVE again and for eternity
And that’s exactly what He offers me.

Eternal life and resurrection
Justified without reservation
Grace poured out without hesitation.
Making me a new creation.
The choice is mine He paid the price
I must choose between death and life,
Such amazing grace I don’t understand
Or why He holds me in His hands.
But the most amazing thing I see
Is not nativity, or Calvary,
The most amazing thing I see
about this love measured by eternity
Is the fact that it included me.

By Randy Conway

Mar 27, 2016

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