When the world says “No second chances, Go to the God who can change your circumstances Jesus Christ who specializes in giving second chances.


Two men standing in an alley dark,
fear grips one, you can hear the beating of his heart.
He begs for time, for mercy, for another chance,
the reply is heard as the bullet lands,
in this game there is no second chance.

Tears coursing; by black mascara traced.
Why such pain on her young face?
Cold walls, cold halls, cold people, cold place.
No one to dry her tears, she’s just another case.
She didn’t understand the finality and pain
of the abortionists cutting lance,
she begs, she pleads but all in vain,
because it’s over and there is no second chance.

For some there is a moment of ecstasy
While on imagined wings that only they can see,
They meet their lover who comes intravenously.
Born on wings of hells’ design is this romance
Their lovers kiss a kiss of death and there is no second chance.

At only fourteen years of age you would not suspect,
A teenage girl would be very into sex.
But in a locker room full of boys,
She has become the locker room toy.
Now on the high school teachers desk,
She gives to him her teenage sex.
Today a new partner comes to her to dance,
His name is HIV and there’s no second chance.

No second chance in life they say
So why do I prolong it yet another day?
Death -- yes death will be the ultimate solution,
Then I can end this prostitution,
Of myself to this society,
To be all the things it asks of me.
But in death what will my chances be?
I hesitate, I stop, I can’t,
I’m to afraid to take the chance,
that there might be a reality,
to this thing that’s called eternity.

In a silence created by my fear,
There is a voice I faintly hear,
Someone says, “here are my hands”
Take hold they are your second chance.
A second chance? Is that real I say.
Should I take the risk and kneel and pray?

The voice I hear is stronger now
Timidly I bend my knees and my head bows
Could this possibly be enough?
To unscrew what I have so totally screwed up!
Is this just some religious trance
Is there for me a second chance?

Then some barely familiar words I hear
Words lost in the void of squandered years.
“While we were sinners Christ died for us”
Are these words that I can trust?
My life is in a terrible mess
But I don’t have to pass a test
Or fall into some mystic trance
It is God’s gift, my second chance.

Even though my life I’ve trashed
His love is there, and it’s a love that lasts.
And how amazing it is to see
That God does love even ME.
I repent of all the things I’ve done
I’m willing to accept God’s only Son
For Jesus is the only one
That regardless of my circumstances
Says His blood was shed for second chances.

The knock comes but once for opportunity,
But there are no limits at Calvary.
God’s love isn’t limited to just one chance.
His love is patient, kind and just,
All we need to do is simply trust.
And He will change your depraved heart,
And give your life a brand new start.
When the game of life says, “No advances,”
When the world says “No second chances,
Go to the God who can change your circumstances
Jesus Christ who specializes in giving second chances.

Even though He is gentle, patient and kind,
When life is over you will find
The opportunities you have before this life passes
Are the sum total of all your chances.
When you stand in the Judgement Halls vast expanses
There will be no more second chances.

By Randy Conway

Apr 22, 2016

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