RANDY CONWAY-'The death of innocence is proven in that we sacrifice the innocent without remorse And that has freed the evil and has set us on our current course'.


I am deeply saddened by the loss of innocence in today’s society
We live in a narcissistic culture that has lost all sense of propriety
The love of money has hardened hearts and ruined lives
And innocence is more than lost we have poisoned innocence and it has died.

The loss of innocence began in Eden with the fall of Adam and Eve
And with each passing generation the evil that stole the innocence has increased
So that today evil is rampant and we are living in a black awakening
We are living on the cusp of prophetic changes that will bring a terrible reckoning.

The death of innocence is proven in that we sacrifice the innocent without remorse
And that has freed the evil and has set us on our current course.
But there is so much more to this loss of innocence than most men clearly see
Mankind has been beguiled and has a lust for evil and all have fallen in like manner as did Eve.

With the growth of technology the young have little chance now for innocence
They are not taught the truth and instead are exposed to unspeakable wickedness.
They are tempted with ease by those who prey upon their ignorance
And all too many are sucked into a world ruled by darkness and extreme violence.

We have trained and taught them that to the pleasures of this world they are entitled
And when they find they cannot have it all, their frustration becomes uncontrolled and unbridled.
Then, when by the challenges and disappointments of life they are consumed
Satan lies in wait; sending demonic agents so that these disheartened may be groomed.

Groomed to be the drug addict who can’t escape his own despair
Groomed to be the killer who can take a life without a care
Groomed to be the predator who is the cause of nightmares
Their innocence gone they are casualties of this demonic warfare.

Those who manage to stay alive are then haunted by their choices
And the world is consumed with want never hearing their crying voices.
A teenage girl from the local Sunday school is running drugs for an evil cartel
A young man at her side they are in over their heads and can’t escape this hell.

The promise of money, pleasure and excitement without thought of consequence
Lures them into a trap, they are ignorant that Satan’s promises were all fraudulent.
And with innocence gone they now feel the need to medicate in order to forget.
To forget where they are and what they left behind living in this state of torment.

We sentenced our children to hopeless futures when we let innocence die
Men have become lovers of pleasure more than lovers of God and the faith of most has ossified.
But there remains a hope, a hope for every generation, it is Jesus crucified
He died for our sins before we committed them and they can be nullified.

To be forgiven you need but ask and surrender yourself to Christ
He will wash away your sin and He offers you a brand new life.
A new life is what is required because sin has changed our DNA
The blood of Jesus will repair the helix structure if you accept Him when you pray.

Yes, I am deeply saddened by the loss of innocence because it cannot be regained
You cannot un-commit adultery after you failed to be restrained,
You cannot un-say a word that’s been spoken or un-tell a lie.
You cannot un-kill a baby after the abortion process has been applied.

You cannot un-see what you have seen when you fail to guard your eyes
You cannot un-kill a man, un-rape a woman just like you can’t un-swat a fly.
You cannot un-take a drug, un-drink a drink or call back a tear after it’s been cried.
You cannot un-rob a victim when their innocence is stolen even if you tried.

You cannot return to innocence after the innocence in you has died
But you don’t have to live in guilt that is another one of Satan’s lies.
And though innocence is a fragile thing and is quickly and easily destroyed
God is ready, God is willing and God is able to restore to you your joy.

For the love of money and pleasure we are guilty of the death of innocence
And most who read these words will be unmoved because of their cognitive dissonance.
Our techno society has supplied our lusts and nothing now remains of reverence.
Now is your time of choosing for the sun is breaking the horizon of the Day of Judgment.

By Randy Conway

May 4, 2016

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