The Lions represent the devil, demons, ect. Being set loose on all of humanity. (The devil walks about as a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour) The tree stand is the Lord, His protection, security, and safety.)***

In my dream my husband and I were walking through a wilderness area. For some reason, he was supposed to be somewhere else but had come to be with me anyway.
***(I believe this to be representation of his coming to Christ being that before he was saved he would have been elsewhere but now that he is, he is with me)***
As we were walking, I had a feeling of anxiousness and anticipation for something that was coming. I could hear people around us saying "they're releasing the lions" and I began to worry. I noticed that people had supplies but I didn't have my backpack of supplies. I looked at my husband and saw that he had a large backpack full of whatever supplies we may have needed and was comforted.
***(I saw that the reason I had no supplies was because we were one flesh and he being the head of the household carried the supplies because we now shared everything)***
As we continued to walk, I could see numerous amounts of people on the ground in hammocks, looking cozy and unaware of the danger they were about to be in. There were couples laying together in hammocks with blankets over them as if they were sleeping. I also took notice that some people were wandering about while others were high up in the air in tree stands attached to large trees.
***(this represents those Christians who are asleep in Christ, unaware of the danger about to surround them. Their shelters were low to the ground, no protection at all to them... the had put forth as minimal an effort as possible to set themselves up. Those wandering around are those still lost, having nothing at all, not even supplies. Those in the tree stands are those still clinging to Christ. They made every effort to ensure their safety, choosing the strongest, safest, and most secure locations.)***
We walked a little further and came to a large tree with a white piece of paper attached to it and it read "I left this here for you, everything you need is here. All you have to do is put it together."
***(The Lord has a place prepared for those who are truly His. He gives you all the supplies you need, all you have to do is put forth a little effort)***
We began to put the tree stand together and fairly quickly, it came with directions but it seemed to be just instinct that we knew how. Just as we were putting the last piece together, I could see lions roaming on the ground and one just below us, swiping at our feet. We clung to the platform of the stand for dear life and got the last piece put into place just in time and we're able to climb to safety. This tree stand was white and had a fairly large platform as well as a sturdy enclosure surrounding it. As I was waking from the dream I heard the words "The Lord is your high place".
***(God had given us the supplies, and by the knowledge of the Holy Spirit, we had no need to even read the directions... it was purely instinct what we needed to do.
The Lions represent the devil, demons, ect. Being set loose on all of humanity. (The devil walks about as a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour)
The tree stand is the Lord, His protection, security, and safety.)***

Steve, I had this dream just yesterday as I was taking a nap... this is the 3rd message the Lord has sent to me in the span of about a week and a half of the same nature.
The 1st was a baby dove who had been blown out of a tree during a terrible storm we had here in which there had been much damage. Our neighbor brought the dove to me to care for. I didn't realize it until a couple of days later, but this had been God sending me a message. This dove was the biggest out of the other babies in the nest, meaning he was the strongest. The storm had knocked them out of the safety of their nest and all the other babies had died except this one and is now in my care and flourishing because he could never make it on his own. The Lord showed me that this represented the coming storm for all Christians and some are so small in their faith, or having no faith at all that they simply won't make it. There are a minority who are strong in their faith, but this storm will shake even them and when it does, He will be there to care for them and they will depend on Him for ALL their needs.
The 2nd was a grieving in the Spirit for those who are turning away from Christ, upon which He led me to Jeremiah 2:31-32 (God's people have forgotten Him days without number).

Jun 9, 2016

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