Strange dream--Pan(demonium) headed for mainland USA...mentioned Russ Dizdar

I woke up at 2am this morning (October 9th) after having a really bizarre dream. I saw a large ship out in the ocean. I couldn't immediately tell what sort of ship it was or where it was headed, so I started looking around the ship to see if I could find any markings on it or people to speak with. As I walked along one of the decks, something caught my attention at the top of a gray steel staircase. It was a hideous creature that looked like a blend of a man, a pig, and some other repulsive animal I couldn't quite make out. Oddly, this grotesque creature was wearing a nice white dress shirt and came walking down the stairs toward me. It was half singing, half talking and looked at me with a malicious grin. It said, "I'm Pan. Yes, as in Pandemonium." It then started mocking Christians and Jesus, saying Jesus' name over and over again in a childish sort of way like it was mimicking Christians who are calling out to the Lord. This disgusting creature then suddenly stopped the mimicking and abruptly said, "I know Russ Dizdar." It said it in the same sort of way that the demon in Acts 19 said "Jesus I know, and Paul I know about...". It then started making grunting piglike sounds and cackled saying it was looking forward to 'engaging Dizdar'. I could very definitely feel the extremely powerful and unmistakable presence of God around me protecting me from this creature that called itself Pan. I had total confidence in God's power, and I wanted to attack this evil entity on the spot and tear it to shreds. For some reason, it was like God put a barrier between Pan and myself so that there could be no interaction/warfare between us at that time. I knew with absolute certainty that I had no reason to fear this thing and neither did Russ or anyone else who truly knows their authority in Jesus and the power of His blood. Pan was aware of this fact too, and, knowing that he couldn't defeat Russ directly, seemed to hint that his attack would be more of an indirect one. This creature was going to go after lukewarm Christians and those who had any trace of fear, doubt or other weaknesses holding them back. These people would include any friends and family members who are not fully confident in Jesus. This is how Pan wanted to indirectly attack and hurt those he knew he couldn't defeat antagonizing their loved ones. Pan then turned his attention to the person who was 2nd in command of the ship (this person was completely oblivious to Pan at the time) and started humming a strange, creepy melody. The eerie melody was blended with the piglike animal sounds as well as what sounded like large engines revving. This evil humming cacophony seemed to put the person into some sort of trance. Then, in his trancelike state, he took Pan with him to try to find the captain of the ship and get him under Pan's influence as well. As the 2nd in command of this ship was walking away with Pandemonium, he excitedly mentioned that the ship is headed for the continental USA.

Oct 9, 2012

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