The two men then told me "When you see the horses start to paw at the ground and their ribs begin to show, this is only the beginning."

On 6-15-16, I was handling the dove that had been placed in my care and noticed that his colors are changing from brown to gray, and he's gotten almost all of his feathers and had been flying in very short distances to strengthen his wings. It made me think about the symbolism behind the dove--- peace and as soon as I had thought it, the Lord told me "Peace will soon leave your nation." Of course, this isn't the first time He has used this same dove to convey a particular message.

On 6-18-16 I was taking a shower, trying to relax and reflect on some of the situations out of my control in my life and the Lord spoke 2 words "hot vomit". After I got out of the shower, I began to think on these two words and this is what I felt in the Spirit... Many of those who call themselves by God's name are returning to their own hot vomit whether it be sins, situations, or people whom they should have put away from themselves. The Lord is also about to spew the lukewarm professing Christians from His mouth as if they were hot vomit. He is beginning the separation of yhe tares from the wheat. Thirdly, the Lord is also spewing this nation from His mouth as hot vomit.

Today, 6-19-16 around 6 in the morning, I awoke from a dream and was prompted immediately to write it down. The dream is as follows:
My sister and I were at a rodeo with some other woman, riding and jumping over hurdles, moving around obsticles, ect. My sister and i then left the arena and entered the stands where we were then engaged by 2 old men. ***(As I wrote 2 men, I heard 2 witnesses... I'm not sure if this means they are about to arrive soon... but it is definitely what the Spirit told me.)***
In this dream, my sister (who is fairly lean) was trying to lose weight and one of the men told her not to focus on that, but to be focused on eating healthy for what was to come.
***(I believe this to mean that if you are eating unhealthy, restricting your food for the purpose of losing weight, to stop immediately and focus on getting healthy to build and prepare your body for the rough conditions ahead.This is a time for people to really start focusing on their health before it's too late.)***
The two men then told me "When you see the horses start to paw at the ground and their ribs begin to show, this is only the beginning."
We then left and we're driving away from the rodeo and on either side of the road were fenced in pastured with horses on either side (all of them dark colored) and they were all pawing at the ground with their hooves. Their ribs weren't showing yet, but what had been prophesied has already started. The grass also appeared to be turning brown and withered... it seemed to me that it was late summer or early to mid fall... it was still a little warm so that's what I assume (being here in Texas)
***(they were referring to famine, not just as far as the land goes, but famine in everything... the Word, the land, food stuffs, and supplies.)***
The scenes change and things around me are greener (it was similar to the road leading to a church I attended as a child). I was with 2 young men I had gone to school with and we were talking about the events taking place. In my dream I had said "So many people, even those who claim to be Christians, don't believe that Revelations is coming to fruition, but it is." One of the guys was skeptical, one of them agreed. The one who agreed, His name is Christian. The one who didn't truly believe, his name is Rowdy. (He's been called this since he was a child, his actual name is Raymond, but no one calls him that.)
***(the Lord used these 2 specific people because of their names, to convey meaning. There will be those who are true Christians, who will believe, then there will be those who only profess to be Christians who still live 'rowdy' or sinful lives.)***
I then told them both that it will be too dangerous to go out in a direct line of sight, or really to move anywhere without good covering because animals will be so ravaged with hunger, humans will be a main source of prey. Not only this, but humans will be hunting one another down as their main source of food as well.

I woke up afterwards and now I am reminded that the Lord as also had me read the whole book of Lamentations which I highly recommend every brother and sister in Christian to do sometime soon... I say this because there is such profound prophecy in it for what's coming to our shores... or more likely, what has already begun.

Blessings be with you.

Jun 19, 2016

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