1982- Dream Of Russian Invasion,1989- Dream Of Giants and 2013- Dream Of Russian Nuclear Attack

Dear brother.. I just really had to pray about this.

Dream 1: I was around the age of 19 years old, and am now at the age of 49 years of age.
This dream was about me looking over a cliff or a giant rock and as I peered over the edge , the Lord showed me like 400k Russian soldiers and they were hiding in a valley of trees and thickets. They were heavily armored with rifles and other guns, and I could see them talking to each other as if they were plotting something against our country.
Now bear in mind this was around 1982. I didn't have a clue about what this was.. so I told my preacher at the time and he didn't have a clue so I just let it rest.

Dream 2: When I was a young man at the age of 26 years old, the Lord gave me this dream, I will be totally honest , I never knew a thing about Giants and the existence of them until I have read and heard you on radio just last year.
Back when I first started to have these dreams it was 1989 when I had the first one. I keep dreaming of these Giant men and their size where around 16+ feet in height, but I just couldn't figure out why these men were so tall? But somewhere even taller than that like around 20+ feet tall, they were very scary to look upon. I really didn't like those dreams but the Lord gave them to me 3 times in that same year. Here is the interesting part is that they came from the sky and not the earth. I asked the Lord why did I have those dreams but I got no answer from him until this last year when you and others talked about the Nephilim and those men of Renown in the olden days of Noah.

Dream 3: this dream was last night on January 6th 2013. I was looking outside of my home and I saw this missile come down from the northern part of the sky , and it hit the America and I knew it was a Russian Nuke, and oh the devastation it made on our land.. I was so shocked at the reality of this dream, I even died and was set before the Lord.
But the detail of this dream was crazy how the people just melted away with fervent heat, even the animals I saw die, family members die, and so many where taken to heaven as a result of it. I could see the Lord welcoming so many of his people at once.

Be blessed brother , I am praying for the family of God all the time, for protection by the Blood of Jesus.


Jan 7, 2013

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