Steve here is a dream I had recently and I felt I needed to share it after
seeing some of your posts.

It is dark and I can not see where I am but I hear a voice tell me to keep
my eyes closed and to listen.

I did...I could hear what only could be called "booms" off in the distance.

"What do you hear?" I was asked again...I told the voice that it sounded
like bombs exploding.

I was kindly told that I was wrong but that I was not alone in this...that
many would be. So I asked what the noise really was then...

I saw two events that seemed to overlay each-other in time but somehow
stand apart.

The first in time were Sparkles of Light that were easy to look at and
pretty like a gem...But as it seemed to come to the earth it grew in size
and became harder to look at...the darker it became the harder it was to
look at...like the sun in reverse. It hit the earth and as they did you
could hear and feel a "boom". (I know these are the Fallen)

The Second I see the Earth as if it were a tomb or a womb of sorts because
what I am seeing is like viewing an ant farm like slice of our world. I
the slices I could see VAST places below the ground where there were
motionless human forms of all sizes...but of them all there were those who
were VERY large.

Anyhow I see these forms and the question that was asked I know includes
this too. So I say it looks something like those terracotta soldiers I saw
before buried with the Chines king.

I was told that those were a good representation of what I saw but that it
was more than that...I was to look closer and watch.

As I watched I had not noticed before, perhaps because I had not been
looking but the more or less human sized ones came and went as they pleased
like worker ants...constantly tending to the larger ones below. And like
ants they took humans...mostly innocent...down into the pits for the large
ones. There were others...call them something between the human sized ones
and the large...these almost all at once began to, like a bird trying to
hatch, thump their way out of their spots. I want to call these spots
wombs or crypts.

I slowly start to back away from the overlapped world scene I am being
shown and as the earth grows smaller...the locations of the "booms" cause a
red "dot" to appear. They are all over...suddenly (like a plague spreads)
it goes from just a few here and there to all red...Then there is one big
boom as the whole thing shakes and I am awake.

This meant a ton to me I hope it means as much to others. God Bless and
keep you in His Light.


Jan 9, 2013

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