October 15th 2012 , My dream started me visiting people at their homes,
during the night time I notice noise was outside, so I walked outside and
it was a night sky with stars , that where very clear to see, then all of a
sudden I saw these Angelic beings by the thousands of thousands flying
through the sky but yet they were close enough to see. So in amazement I
shouted towards them "ARE YOU ANGELS".. they would not answer me, then as I
was watching I heard this Loud noise as of a Huge explosion in the heavens
as of Thunder and out of that noise came Hundreds of meteorites that came
from the Sky, and before they landed and hit the earth they were coming
down as Fire balls of rock.. and exploded on the earth causing great and
terrible damage to the earths surface, People where running around trying
to find places to hide but really there wasn't much room or places for them
to hide.. massive quakes started as they hit and massive explosions of fire
came as a result from them hitting. Then I woke up.

Oct 18, 2012

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