My 2008 Dream About America by Dr. Daniel Daves

My 2008 Dream About America

From Dr. Daniel Daves: I had a dream in 2008 and I believe that it was from God. It was so real, powerful, and convincing. It took me by surprise and the things I saw and heard in this dream were amazing, shocking and hard to grasp. But then they began to unfold in front of my eyes, and I began making preparations for the culmination of the dream and the future of America. Some areas of the dream were set in stone. Other areas were left open.

I have been released to begin telling this dream publicly so people can determine for themselves if they need to take action, take cover or disregard the dream. A person won't offend me at all if they don't believe the dream or choose not to take action. This was my dream and I'm the one responsible for it. However, I sense a compelling and a duty before my fellow man to reveal and share the dream which I believe is a warning from God, so that my fellow man can carefully consider the dream and then make a personal determination on how to use the information, if at all. I for one have prepared and set the direction of my family, businesses and ministry in alignment with the dream. I'm thankful that God was gracious enough to give me insight, foresight and communication HSI (Holy Spirit Intelligence) into the future so that I might prepare and help others to prepare.
And now for the dream exactly how it came to me. I would be driving 9 hours to a financial conference that I was supposed to speak at in Poplar Bluff, MO in 2008. Early in the morning, I would dream this dream, and then awaken suddenly, wondering which reality I was in upon awakening. The dream was so real that I thought I had slipped into a dream when I woke up. It was amazing and awesome.


I was standing in the downtown Dallas, TX area along with multitudes of people. Everyone was standing and waiting for an announcement of some kind. I had a local friend standing beside me,and our two boys were playing together off to the side, over by the street. There was no traffic, as all the cars were parked. Everything was at a standstill and all the people were calm. I noticed big screens up on a bunch of the large buildings and I sensed that an announcement was going to be made. Then suddenly, a man who looked like a government official appeared on the big screens and began to make an announcement. He said:

"Ladies and gentlemen, I have an announcement to make. America as you have known it has ceased to exist. All property lines have been dissolved, and the U.S. Dollar is worthless."

When the people heard this announcement, they began to panic. I felt a deep concern inside my being as I stood and watch the people began to frantically run. They ran to their cars and they ran down the sidewalks. They all seemed to be headed West. I suddenly realized that our boys were in deep trouble as a frantic motorist jumped in his car and tore out of it's parking place - heading West. I ran over and grabbed both boys, pulling them out of the curb side area of street, as the motorist shot past them. He would have hit and probably maimed or killed them if I hadn't gotten to them in time. I was relieved to know that the boys were safe. The multitudes continued to panic and run West.

Dream Scene 2

I was suddenly standing at a gas station/convenience store. I know exactly where it was, just down the street from where I've lived for the last 6 years. This convenience store had changed a little. It had a high fence attached to it with barbed wire across the top. Inside the fence was tractors, power equipment, lawn mowers, chain saws and all kinds of different items that must have been traded recently. I was standing beside an Indian man who was clearly the owner or manager of the convenience store. Frantic people were pulling their vehicles up to the fuel pumps and were buying gas. My guess is that they were heading "WEST?". Then an SUV pulled up with an open trailer in back. An entire family was in the vehicle and they all looked woried. They had thrown all of their belongings in the trailer and strapped them on top of the vehicle. The father jumped out of the SUV and came up to the man. He said, "I need to get a tank full of gas." and he pulled out his billfold to pull out some U.S. Dollars. The store manager said, "I don't take U.S. Dollars." The father asked, "What do you take then?" The manager asked, "What do you have?" The father and the manager both walked over to the trailer and started looking through it - to find something of value that could be traded for a tank of gas.

Dream Scene 3

I was standing in a very modern war room which had video screens everywhere on the wall. These screens were showing scenes from different places around the world, modern world events, etc. In the middle of the room was President George W. Bush, who was nearing the end of his presidency. He was surrounded by counselors and advisers, many of them had clipboards and they were attempting to advise him of important issues. He had his hands up in the air as if to say, "I don't want to hear any more! I'm tired!." I was standing beside a large man who looked like a secret service agent. He began to speak to me, and he said, "The president has fought a long, hard battle and is very tired." I responded, "Yeah, I can see that." He said, "He has been fighting a very powerful enemy. Do you know who that enemy is?" I thought of all the enemies that it could be, Al Queada, Islam, and more. But then I said, "Socialism?" He responded, "Communism!".

At that time, the dream ended, and I woke up sitting straight up in my bed. I didn't know for sure if my conscience state was real, or if the dream was real. The dream had been so real as if I were literally there, that it took me a minute to realize that I had just received a very powerful dream from God. I then got up, packed my bags and drove towards the financial conference that I was speaking at.

This was the dream. The interpretation that I've chewed on, sought out, considered and meditated on - is deep, profound and ever-unfolding in my life. It has changed me, changed my direction, and literally changed the future of my family - forever.


The Interpretation Of The Dream As I Can Presently See

My Interpretation Of The Dream, Scene 1a: The fact that I was standing in a large city, among a huge crowd of people, and with my friend and our sons, tells me that the announcement that is to come is going to affect:

1. A large group of people, or a body of people in America.
2. Not only will it affect myself and my friends, but it will affect our next generation as well. As a matter of fact, because of the upcoming announcement, the next generation will be in deep danger of being run over or aborted because of the fearful reactionary decisions of the crowd/populace in this current generation.

The announcement that came from the governing official tells me that the three issues spoken about are things that have already happened, and are set in stone. I don't believe that these three issues can be changed, although I may be wrong. It's always possible for an intercessor to activate the hand of God to stop anything - even the sun stood still for a day due to intercession in the old testament. However, I think that these three issues are set in stone - and can be banked on. That is the posture that I'm taking as of this point.

1. "America as you've known it has ceased to exist." The good ole days of baseball, hotdogs, apple pie and Chevrolet are gone. We now are a melting pot of multi cultures, multi religions (some very aggressive) and multiple powers who are at play to bring new orders, or if you will - a one world order. The freedoms that we used to enjoy are disappearing quickly as we become a nation of strict law and statutes, and there's a rule for everything that you can or cannot do. The constitution has been absolutely shredded, openly, blatantly and on purpose. The America that I knew was free. It was a nation of capitalism (the right to own land and do what you want on it without being bothered). Those days are gone. They will possibly never return without mass revolution and replacement of the current system/establishment/government as it stands today. AMERICA AS YOU'VE KNOWN IT HAS CEASED TO EXIST. This was a hard reality for me to swallow, but once I did swallow it, I was able to move on and prepare for the new America "as I have not known it". Now I can mount up with authority, make some determined plans, change course in some areas of my life, and prepare for the future with a New America. I had to mourn the old America which had passed away. She had ran her race and had finished her course. But now the old is gone, finished and buried.

I'm not being anti patriotic at all. I love my country. I'll fight for my country. I'll honor and respect my country and those who fought and died to make her free and keep the light of freedom shining brightly throughout the last generations. However, I am realizing that America is now morphing. She has finished a stage, and is now moving into a cocoon stage, where she will emerge (if she's successful, turns to God and trusts Him for the miraculous change) into a new America, one greater and better than before. But in order to embrace the new America, she (and we) must let go of the past. By the way, I don't believe that the new America can exist without God, Christianity bedrock and the constitution. If any of those are removed from our nation, America will die in the cocoon. Therefore it's important that we all work, pray and resolve not to allow the light of God, Christianity or the Constitution to fade or be taken out of America's bedrock.

AMERICA AS YOU'VE KNOWN IT HAS CEASED TO EXIST. Run from it or embrace it. To embrace will mean that you are ready to move forward with God and His plan for your life, and for your nation as we leave the old church age and begin to enter into the kingdom age. What is this about ages?

Hosea 6:1-2 (NIV)
1 "Come, let us return to the Lord.
He has torn us to pieces
but he will heal us;
he has injured us
but he will bind up our wounds.
2 After two days he will revive us;
on the third day he will restore us,
that we may live in his presence.

Oct 22, 2012

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