I was hovering over the earth and saw a map of Asia. I've never done this in a dream before. As I was going over the Korean peninsula, N. Korea suddenly turned BRIGHT RED, the color of danger. I saw the borders of N. Korea vividly, and the inside turning very red, but contained within the borders. I recognized that it was N. Korea since I saw the entire map of neighboring countries - Japan, S. Korea, China. I had a feeling of imminent danger, dread, fear of something bad - natural or man-made catastrophe.

I woke up and immediately told my wife and daughter so I wouldn't forget. I was focused more on the N. Korea dream, so I did a search the next day 1/23 on N. Korea in the news. Links came up on N. Korea's angry response to the UN sanctions, and that they will be mobilizing military, as well as moving forward with nuclear testing. I hope that this will not go beyond any testing.Z

Jan 24, 2013

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