My husband and I listened to your show last night w/ the Hagmann's. While
you were talking I suddenly understood a dream I had a few weeks ago, right
around New Year's. In the dream I am walking down a very busy downtown
street, think NYC. As I was walking a very average, clean cut white male,
mid 30's, casually dressed walked by me. In the dream I heard the Lord
speak to me, "this man is not what he seems" I sensed and just knew he was
deeply evil although by appearances you would never think it. Again in the
dream I pass him again on the street, looking intently into his face as he
passes and this time I hear "he's not human".

I awoke and immediately told my husband about it and told him that I felt
the Lord warning us of this in the very near future although I had no idea
what "he" was, an alien? Demon? Then on your show I heard you talking
about the fallen angels who can take the shape of a man or woman and
instantly the dream came to mind and I just knew that's exactly what I had
seen. This is very rare for me to dream like this by the way.

Secondly, around this same time a few nights afterwards, I awoke in the
early morning hours and instantly upon opening my eyes I heard the Lord say
to me so clearly "As in the days of Noah" I actually answered the Lord
with "yes I know Lord, I've read your word" and then heard him so clear
again say two things. "no..AS IN, as in exactly" and also He said, which I
feel was a response to a question I had been praying about our preparations
and were we to continue to prep despite so much taunting and ridicule and
He said "they made fun of the prepper" (Noah!) It confirmed to me so
perfectly to keep going!

We have been eating up your site, it's such an encouragement.


Jan 24, 2013

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