Hello Steve,

I am a regular here and have been for years. I am a Missionary in
Washington State. Anyway, lately since 2013 rolled out I have been having
visions.. In these visions there is a great storm that comes to our
country.. Although God kept me safe in this great storm the storm uncovered
a Ancient evil.. ancient buildings on beaches with ancient cities (not
literally there on our beaches but symbolic)

There was a GREAT sarcophagus.. it was about
30' tall 25' wide and between 80-100' long. It was covered in high relief
images and hieroglyphs in the style of Ancient Babylon and Egypt. When one
gazed on this colossal sarcophagus in your mind you saw the one who
inhabited the sarcophagus..It was some sort of false God or deity. The
Great Whore, Mystery Babylon. She had a golden crown like one of ancient
Egypt and wore a dress made out of a lion skin with the fur and
everything.. the paws of the lion on the dress came from behind her and
were at the sides of her lower breasts and sides of her hips.. a low cut
front was supported by griffon like eagle feet. It was as If I actually saw
this woman in real life.. she was swaying back and forth, jirating, just
staring and waiting.. Chaos follows her but after that God came and
brought his Kingdom people cried for the realized God was real and he was
coming back for his people!

Note: The woman deity her face.. looked almost exactly like the Egyptian
Pharaoh known as Akhenaten or Ay.. (I've been into Biblical Archaeology
for years and have even preached on it in church, so I noticed that right
away) The lion dress was quite amazing.. I thought it was ironic God
returns as a Lion not a lamb to do his Justice and the dress looked as if a
Lion was engulfing this Great Whore of Mystery Babylon from behind... The
theme of all this was something on the lines of, Ancient and Mysterious was
about to be uncovered, come back, show up, arriving soon etc.. It blew me
away, I could swear i actually saw this ancient evil woman..

Bond-servants in Christ/Missionary in Washington State,

Jan 27, 2013

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