After feeling an intense downpour of God's peace and love and much prayertime...i asked god if i could see an angel...i laughed as i said it and rolled my eyes and said..." Ok..maybe i'm not supposed to ask for that...so would you just show me whatever you will"
The dream:
I was driving downtown, it was very busy, traffic was chaotic...it felt like a big city like new york or down by the riverwalk of new orleans...across the street i saw a strange individual walking very close to traffic..he was handicapped and just awkward. I thought that it would be pleasing to gom for me to help him off the street...i pulled over and rolled down my window and yelled..." Do u need some help?"..as i was talking, he transformed into a tall gladiator like being...he was beautiful and had huge muscles...i could see his arms bc the tunic top was semi short sleeve-almost sleeveless with a slit...it was white with gold embroidery...i was in awe of how beautiful he was and the love flowing from him towards me...i suddenly remembered my prayer and thought.." are you an angel?" And i felt the thought leave me in a form of communication...he started laughing and said back to me without speaking.." yes"...i was thinking about how we just communicated without speaking...and he laughed again. " do u like how we can communicate without talking?".. this being knew me and had for a long time as if he got me and my personality...he held his finger up to me as if he would be back in a minute ...
At that time, i looked up into the sky..there were a lot of white things moving like thousands of balloons...but they were lights the more i looked..they were hovering over a large group of people celebrating..it reminded me of street parties right before the ball drops on new years...but then i realized they were worshgpping them and i knew the lights were about to kill them...the angel came back and set a dinner table before me and lit the candle, we were about to eat, i could see the people in the background still...i looked up to the sky and there was a clock...and i knew it was midnight...and then i woke up.
This was several nights before new years 2013

Jan 30, 2013

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