Dream of Saints in Wilderness

Steve, I have followed you for Ten years and I appreciate everything you do and I pray for you and your family and our fellow Watchman.

I had a dream early this morning 31 Jan 2012. I was with a large group of people who looked to be dressed in israelite clothing from biblical times. We were in a desert region and surrounded by a lot of rock structure. We were camped out and there were two watchman on either side of us high up on the rocks looking out. I was telling someone, this is great because once the watchman spot the enemy we will be a day or two ahead of them. A man who had a long beard and I believe he was wearing a Talit or prayer shawl said " they cannot live out here like we can". ( I believe he said this two different times). This man was clearly a leader among us. Meanwhile I was talking to a group of Men that I was sitting with about the book on Enoch when the Men became distracted. I then heard the warning from the watchman myself (possible shofar warning, I can't realy remember the sound they made). Everyone started gathering the things that they carried and started moving further into the wilderness.

Side note: There was at least one pregnant woman with us. I only saw enough belongings that one could carry. The group of people felt like family.

Thanks J.G. USAF

Feb 1, 2013

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