I remember getting into an argument with a Russian on the side of the road. i was with about 4-5 friends. he was plain clothed, but we could tell he was Russian by his face, his voice, and his rude attitude towards us, very diminutive. my impression was he was a soldier of some type. i don’t remember what happened, but he was then after me, and had mobilized all his comrades in a search for me.

i remember being inside a college of some type and creeping along a wall up towards the glass panelling ahead. and peering through i saw what looked like the inside of a lecture hall. people in theatre seating. the Russians (all plain clothed) were informing all of us Americans they were looking for me. there were some American students who had on special coats. dark olive green (with black sleeves?) these were "brown shirts" Americans that were working for the Russians as snitches, or some kind of helper, they were against their own people. one of the olive coat American boys (a college aged, or high school student) was giving some intel.

i next remember driving with my friend Dewey (who i always called Dew* Drop) we were trying to get on the highway to escape, but as we approached the on ramp, traffic was stopped.

i convinced Dewey to let me wear his undershirt ( a black batman shirt, simple bat sign logo, black bat, yellow oval, like people wore in the 90's) and he just wore the sweatshirt he had over that. i took off a blue short sleeved shirt, to wear the batman shirt.**

we were stopped so we walked up to the Russians, passed the stopped cars, to see what was happening, that was when i saw 2 plain clothed Russians were questioning everyone, and taking down : car make and model, peoples names, address and DL license # - they wanted to see the licenses. this was a slow operation. it made me worry.

*i had been researching the White Alice project in 2010, according to this project there was something called the DEW line or Distant Early Warning line. the base i studied was st Lawrence island, which was a part of this system. they spied on Russians and were to give mainland America a heads up if the Russians were going to attack.

**it seemed to me to be spring time maybe? no clouds, no rain, no snow, sunny outside, i was fine in a t shirt, i remember noticing it was a bit warm for a sweatshirt, but you know how some people are.

Feb 5, 2013

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