I had a dream a few days ago of a time in the future, and I was in a small
group of Christians traveling by foot. There were no cars on the road's at
this time, they even looked unkempt and I could see weeds growing up
between the cracks in the road. We were bringing some food and supplies to
another group of Christians that were living under a freeway exchange of
bridges. After we met the other group of Christians, one of the reasons for
the trip was to pray for a very sick man. I remember weeping over him as I
prayed for him. Then God had also given me a message to tell them about
officials that were going to be coming for them in a short time, to have
them taken or arrested because they were Christians.
Another part of the dream during an earlier time, I also could see the
resentment or attitude of the public towards anything Christian, it
reminded me of what it might of been like for the Jews in Germany during
the late 1930's. CHRIS

Feb 11, 2013

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