I had a dream on January 30th that I would like to share with you. I was
in a bank with a few of my friends, who are not believers of Jesus. The
owner of the bank came up to us and was conversing with us. He seemed to
really like us for some reason. I don't know how it came up but he told us
about plans for depopulation and we asked him why it had to come to that.
He said that he was appointed by god to carry out these plans. My friends
all gave a look of disbelief. Even they knew that this didn't sound like
the will of the true God. We went and sat down in a waiting area near the
door. One of my friends looked really disturbed by what we had heard. I
told him, "See, he is in the Illuminati. I told you that they are deceived
and believe satan is god." After I explained it to him, I saw a small
intercom speaker on the wall that I knew was listening to our conversation.

We went out into the parking lot and my friends all left. As soon as I
went out the door, I saw a man by his car who was staring at me and I
thought he looked quite suspect. Before I knew it, I looked over and
another man was hooking up my car to be towed. I confronted him and told
him that I was parked legally and asked him to release my car. He put his
hand in a back pack and I assumed he was getting a release form for me to
fill out so I could use my car. Instead of a clipboard, he pulled out a
pistol. At this point, I was about three feet from him and knew there was
no way he would miss. I cried out, "Lord save me, Lord save me, Lord Jesus
save me. He began unloading the clip. Even though it looked as though his
aim was on, each bullet would go to the side of me. One to the right, the
next to the left. I was backing up while at the same time running and
continuing to yell, "Lord save me, Lord save me." At that point, I saw the
guy who was staring at me when I first left the building. He also had a
pistol and had a great angle on me. He tried to shoot twice and both times
his gun jammed.

Next in the dream, a girl I know sent me a text message. The text said,
"You are all over the news, what happened?" I sent her a text explaining
what had happened and that I called on the name of Jesus and he protected
me from the bullets. I told her it was like an angel was in front of me,
deflecting the bullets to each side. I sent the text and when I looked it
over, it was a watered down explanation and said nothing about Jesus or the
angel. I was outraged and showed my dad the text and said, "They are even
censoring our texts." Later in the dream, I saw the news story and they
also didn't mention anything about how Jesus had saved me.

Mike M.

Feb 18, 2013

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