Dear Steve,
I've never written to you before. I have been reading your updates and
alerts recently with interest. I have been reading letters from some of
your readers about dreams and visions. For the times we live in it's
getting more real and interesting. Anyway, I wanted to share a dream I had
last night. I don't normally have dreams that have any meaning but this
one sobered me up. I draemt I was in a high rise building looking
eastward. It seemed to be a cloudy day - my brother (who is not a
Christian) was with me - and a woman who seemed to be my wife or mother
(though she passed away long ago). I'm looking outside after hearing a
continous noise that won't cease. Before long I see what seemed like
thousands of jets and planes, large and small flying over the city
continously with no end in sight. I somehow figure out that they are
Russian. Next I look below and there is a large armored brownish van
which begines to shoot whitish colored projectiles up at the jets.
Somehow the bullets (?) don't seem to reach the jets as they continue
flying overhead. Some of the bullets penetrate thru the window and lodge
into the ceiling. The funny thing is that the bullets are very small and
ineffective. I find myself dropping to the floor and looking at the small
holes in the ceilings and window. They're small. I yell out to everyone
to stay on the floor. The jets are still flying overhead - all types,
sizes and still coming in. I woke up wondering what this could all mean -
did I have something bad that didn't agree with me? Maybe- but what I
determined was that an invasion is coming which we will not be able to stop
and our ammunition will be either too ineffective or limited to stop it.
Then I figured - an occupational army is coming next! At that point I
awoke and felt cold and alone. So I just wanted to share this with you -
and interested if there is any meaning to this - as this has never happened
to me before. Maybe we are running out of time. Thank you for hearing
me out.

Feb 21, 2013

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