Hi Steve, i've been having soo many eventful dreams lately . i believe i
must share this vivid dream with you because before i fell asleep i asked
Christ to fill me with the spirit of widom and revelation so that i may
know him better. (it was the first time i've ever deeply within me ask him
of it) i had an awesome relaxation and fell into a deep sleep.
It was california again, back to the apartment when i was a child where
every scary paranormal dream i have always start at. but this time it was
different because it was now outside. I was outside and it was dusk, the
sun has already set the sky was dark orange red. standing in the middle of
the apartment parking lot i felt and unknownly knew something big was gonna
happen from who or how i did not know at the moment. the time was unknown
but I knew in my spirit that that time was soon gonna come, it was
invitable. i kept looking up to the dark orange red sky, at the same time
in my mind i kept reminding myself i mustn't forget to get my bug out bag
and my guns before it's too late. i walked toward the street intersection
to have a better view and looked up. within the dark orange red sky there
it was shadows of B2 bombers. but it wasn't ours, it was the Chinese. how
do i know.. (i question myself that now too) but i knew in my spirit
clearly as day it was the Chinese (i've had a few dreams before about the
Chinese invasion but never like this).
within the blink of an eye of seeing the Chinese B2 bombers they started
dropping bombs. bombs were raining directly down on top of me! as i kept my
eyes up i knew i did not have enough time to go back inside the house to
get my bug out bag and my guns because i procrastinated and was too late.
the sight from above was horrific! i had to run away from the bombs. i ran
and ran til i knew it was safe and then i hid inside an apartment. i sat
next to a window as i peek thru the window i could see flashes of light
within walls of other apartments. there were people running in every
direction. then i saw someone who looked like Michael Moore suspiciously
walking on the apartment 2nd floor across from mine. he looked around
suspicously just before opening a hidden door right in the middle of a
wall. i was thinking he might've saw me because he was looking toward me
and i questioned why were there a hidden door right in the middle of a
i sat there peeking outside and saw an old friend of mine and a few others
running pass the window. i unintentionally ran to the back and out the back
door. we ran very shortly before to the right i saw who looked like my
uncle and he told us to hide with him. he told us he didn't have a lot of
weapons but behind him i saw all shorts of different kind of rifles. i
picked up the AK47 it had the wooden stock and rail guard. i went to sit at
a table and saw a clear paper plastic cover with a paper in it wat look to
me like a poster it read *Klordic* (i do not know what that means) i walked
and sat looking torward the door we came in and then i believe the lord
showed me some dates from a rip calendar *23, 24, 25, 26* (i do not know
the month). someone came and knocked on the door my uncle told us to be
quiet but the 3 others were rudely Shhshing. the fully closed door turned
into a cowboy door and i could see the feet of this, it. it was a feet of a
reptilian. one of the guy was standing next to the door and he got grabbed
and takin out by the reptilian. i do not know what happen to him. he got
served i guess. right before i woke up i saw the word *Kooxt* (i dont know
what it means)
take this dream as you well and integrate this info as u may. what this
dream means to me is i should be prepare for, the coming. even if i dont
have the materials that will help me survive at the event, the most
important is to prepare my heart (be informed) so it will not fail for
seeing all the things that are soon coming. do it now before its too late.
accept the FREE GIFT (get informed, get close to him) that Jesus Christ has
given to all of us and give fully back to him aswell, his Love. JUSTIN


Feb 26, 2013

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