Tsunami dream is given another witness

Hi Steve,

I wanted to comment on a post that is on your dreams and visions page (the
one from the northwest, seeking higher ground). When I read it I was
interested because I had the same dream about a month ago. We just moved
to the northwest last march.
In the dream, we were in an upstairs apartment playing with the kids when
we noticed something outside. I looked outside from the second story
window and saw what looked like bees in a swarm flying away away from what
I later learned was the beach. We were all amazed and watching when
suddenly we started seeing water coming behind them. We quickly realized
it was a tsunami (not sure what was up with the bees). I yelled to
everyone that we needed to find higher ground. I grabbed my son and who is
smaller and we started running. It was a lot like the videos you see from
other tsunamis-water rushing everywhere full of debris. We were on foot
trying to find streets that led to higher ground. My wife and daughter,
whom I thought was right behind me, took a turn down a different street.
She was yelling at me to follow her but didn't realize what I saw. I knew
where she was going wasn't high enough. I yelled and pointed to the flood
that was rapidly approaching. When she saw it she came to where I was and
we continued running up the hill I had started on. People were screaming
and this dreadful flood was coming so fast...I wasn't sure we were going to
make it. The dream ended there.
I've seen several other dreams concerning the west coast and the north west
in particular. I really wanted to share this since it was so close to the
other guy's dream. I'm not sure if you get a chance to read all of your
emails, but thought it was worth sharing.

God bless you,


Mar 4, 2013

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