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“Civil war is about to explode in America as a result of the congress and the president’s efforts to disarm the civilian population, bankrupt the citizens and pull the word freedom forever from our lives.”

There are two compelling reasons we are now facing what I said would occur five years ago as a result of our ignorance of history and an evil in the land so great it is palpable.
The first cause of Civil War II is our collective national addiction to really bad legislative choices. America has progressively and purposefully become “the land of the stupid and the home of the coward.” Many do not know nor care, that freedom has vanished and tyranny is in control of the nation that freed most of the world in the 20th century from brutal oppression. The service veterans who paid for that freedom with their blood are now classified as terrorists by the Gestapo organizations established and funded by congress. Not one American in 100,000 knows of the armed struggle that took place in Athens, Tennessee in 1946, as returning WWII veterans were banned by a corrupt county sheriff and courthouse judge from auditing the election results that had been hidden from view for years. ARMED citizens took on the dirty officials and won. It was about FIGHTING tyranny and oppression, not target shooting or hunting rabbits. It was about FIGHTING for freedom then, as it had been in 1776 and 1861, and is at this moment again pushing and shoving Americans that HAVE NO CHOICE but to FIGHT for freedom and our children’s future yet again.
When I witness the smug arrogance and utter lies of Barack Obama, how he double talks, creates endless bad budgets, taxes, health care, or exhibits the absolute incompetence of his and his wife’s past as “activist lawyers” who lost their licenses to practice, I am confounded that Americans would vote this calculating Muslim communist into another term. I consider his forged non-existent US birth certificate and say, “how is this possible that we can not figure this guy out.” No provable, demonstrated educational history, passport origination or social security record is available to prove he is the real deal. So, we see a lifetime of association by Obama with traitors, deplorable subversives, and his church minister who blasphemes from the pulpit and is cheered on by an audience of “black Christians.” This is what national leadership has become. This is acceptable to gimme, gimme Americans who will vote for anyone and anything that gives them something for nothing. Well, many veterans gave their lives to see that we could be free from the same tyranny that slithered its way back into our nation, again.
Many work each day to pay the freight through illegal taxes and other government thievery so that generations of government created special classes of do nothings, but get it all free groups, are assured of a career of living off a few. I have former friends who are educational administrators and attorneys who still cannot believe their good fortune at receiving public money for seeing to it that this socialistic largesse does not stop rolling in. They pay for their lake homes and Mercedes cars through grants and salaries set by the same ruling class that serves on the school or university boards and court circuit benches. They take rewards from lobbyists to push Agenda 21 and other UN initiatives that further restrict American’s lifestyles and their choice options.
Local city councils and county boards are also receiving stipends from various national entities to push through these liberty killing laws that tell Americans to turn off their gas grills and lawn sprinklers. They enact local taxes to pay for the latest “green” technology that has neither a demonstrable positive effect nor cost savings to the user. S-C-A-M is the only word that fits, yet we “allow” our councils and boards to act on our behalf so life will get better by the moment.
After so long, the putrid stench of corruption and the elite lives of the powerful begins to reach even the most foolish.
So, Diane Feinstein, the democratic buzzard from San Francisco who carries her own gun, has a security detail paid for by the American public, is a Jewish socialist activist (a descendent of disarmed WWII German Jews perhaps) who has submitted a bill in the Senate that would eliminate hundreds of firearms in absolute defiance of the US Constitution, common sense, personal defense and the natural law of survival, thinks most Americans are in agreement with her. Pass it, congress, sign it Barack, review it US Supreme Court. Find it “constitutional” to advance your strangle hold on the American public. Civil War II will be underway.
The second cause of the outbreak of armed rebellion in this country by the descendents of real patriots will be simply because tyranny, corruption, the intimidation of free Americans by police state tactics rulers will have reached a boiling point with no viable options. Neither delaying efforts by politicians, nor the threat of lethal force by military and police officials, will make Cairo look like a carnival in comparison.
Research Dealy Plaza, hear the testimony of experts concerning the Twin Towers, read the history of the lies in the Tonkin Gulf Resolution, audit the Federal Reserve and its sordid history of betrayal against the American people, watch the filthy lies of Hillary, Barack and Panetta concerning the Libyan disaster, accept that every president since Andrew Jackson has been a hand selected major player for the world governance crowd and you will understand why we are watching the recall of the world’s gold reserves from US soil. You will see the unfolding of bank runs, the replacement and collapse of the dollar since its removal as the petrol-oil currency. It will become clear just what the REAL debt of 100 trillion dollars has done to the entire nation now and for some time to come. Ten years ago I suggested that the American people create a 500 pound gold coin, stamp 100 trillion dollars on it, take it to the Fed, tell them our debt is paid, they get no more, board up the windows and doors, kick them out, bulldoze the Federal Reserve building and start over. Move the capitol to Cheyenne (poor folks) turn Washington into the amusement park it has been since 1865 and try again. Three weeks ago on Fox News, I heard a wanna be “conservative” new politician suggest that exact idea. Well I am glad somebody floated it to the pigs in the Washington Foggy Bottom swamp. Let’s do it!
We are warned in Scripture that the day is coming when we will have to flee to the mountains and do so at such a pace that we cannot even stop for our coat. We will see, hear and feel the wrath of God Almighty—oh yea, stupidos—He does exist, and He has your number. Many will try to hide from Him and the hell that will be unleashed on this earth.
The old hymn said it best, “He hideth my soul in the cleft of the rock, that shadows a dry thirsty land…….. He hideth my life in the depths of His love, and covers me there with His hand……and covers me there with His hand.” That is sufficient and says all that is needed. Partly in jest of course and partly to underscore my point, I suggested that God hide us in the heart of the rock along with our choice of banned weapons, several if possible along with plenty of ammo. Does God need the help to “cover” us? Of course not. Is faith enough? If you know Him and have accepted Him as your Savior, it is.
Why then do I suggest the gun? For the God given right of self defense and as a reminder to those who do evil that resistance to that evil is necessary and required. If they stop, change, go away, leave that trail of destruction, then their life may be spared. Continue to corrupt, intimidate and intimidate, then their life will be forfeited by their own action. I will just help that demise along. No apologies, no soft sell, no maybes, just this stated uncompromising absolute. Come after me, my family or my friends, and there will be a REAL fight. You got that Mr. Morris Dees, Southern Poverty Law Center deviate subversive moron?
Get that Diane. Get that Chuck Schumer. Listen hard Joe Biden. Barack, you awake yet? Not going to be a good day. The buffet of disaster just got another entrée. Things are going downhill even more rapidly now, aren’t they? But then you have heard all of these statements before from me haven’t you?
One F-I-N-A-L time, Washington. Back off and back off now. Otherwise, as Wyatt Earp so aptly put it, “You tell ‘em I’m coming, and HELLS coming with me. Sons a bitches, bring it on.”

Jan 27, 2013

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