The David Flynn Collection

The David Flynn Collection - 2 books in one.


"Cydonia: The Secret Chronicles of Mars" and "Temple At The Center Of Time".

David Flynn, like Sir Isaac Newton before him, was a "GIANT" in the understanding of the God of Creation's infinite majesty, power and presence throughout the universe displayed. Every generation has its heaven sent "Time Keepers" to remind the world that we all have an appointed time and season of revelation and purpose to all that we see around us. It is as if the Almighty God holds specific time locks to His revelations and specific messengers tasked with bringing it forth. David Flynn is such a one.

The book is 520 pages and 8.5" X 11" size.


Newton's Bible Codex Finally Deciphered and the Year 2012

A belief that the ancients held unusual scientific knowledge, of which only fragments remain today, was held by many great philosophers and scientists who participated in the "scientific revolution". Though research by these men led to great discovery, many were convinced that they were merely scratching the surface of an immense but lost pristine knowledge (prisca sapientia) somehow reflected in the architecture and remains of ancient civilizations.

In "Temple at the Center of Time: Investigations of Sacred Dimension, Revealed in Prophecy, the Temple of Jerusalem, and the Ark of the Covenant, from the works of Isaac Newton", David Flynn uncovered what has been heralded as one of the greatest discoveries of all time.

Many books have investigated whether Newton believed that an original pure knowledge existed. Some conclude that he did in fact search for it, but that is the whole of their investigation. A few have written that Newton actually discovered ‘something’ and try to fit his existing research into a prisca sapientia of their own design, claiming his beliefs fit modern realms of philosophy or eastern religions, but these speculations are not upheld by the body of his work. Although Newton had solved riddles of space, time, gravity, light and invented mathematics to predict the motion of objects, this was not the ‘priscia sapienta’. Since the time of Newton, no one has revealed the true form and nature of the original knowledge, or from whence it came… until now.

For the first time in history, "Temple at the Center of Time" uncovers what Newton was looking for and, in so doing, proves that pivotal events in history are unquestionably connected in time and space to Jerusalem.

Newton didn't know it. The key was right in front of him!

CYDONIA: The Secret Chronicles of Mars

* the great Cosmic Clock embodied in the Ouroboros, and the true meaning of this serpentine symbol

* the "gods" who ruled the planets in the ages before Adam - (Pre Adamic History) - and their return as "aliens"

* the distinctly Martian influence on human civilization from earliest times to the present

*the meaning behind the esoteric tenet "As Above, So Below"

* the Great Work of the Mystery Schools from its point of origin to the implementation by the modern alchemists of NASA

About David Flynn:

The author of Cydonia: The Secret Chronicles of Mars, wrote popular articles on Mars and of the Biblical significance of the Cydonian Monuments for years. His decidedly alternative views on Cydonia have been discussed on the PAX Television program "Encounters: What is Really on Mars," also featuring Richard C. Hoagland, the researcher who popularized the Pyramids and Sphinx-face found in NASA images of the surface of Cydonia Mars on his website, on the Coast to Coast AM show, and in his own book The Monuments of Mars.

David was always a popular guest on topics such as: the Monuments on Mars; the meaning behind the Sphinx symbol and Biblical cherubim, as well as UFOs & the Nephilim or "aliens".

Dave's research on the Watcher Website has been featured on "Strange Universe", among other shows, and was used as a resource by Dr. Mark Eastman who co-wrote the bestselling 1996 UFOs and Genesis 6-themed book Alien Encounters with popular Christian researcher Chuck Missler.

David Eric Flynn, 49, died January 22, 2012 after a short battle with cancer at his home in Helena. Dave was born October 29, 1962 in Chicago, Illinois to Dr. Alan and Marjorie Flynn. He attended Helena High School and graduated from the University of Montana. He worked at Intermountain Children’s Home for more than 20 years caring for emotionally disturbed children.

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