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As a result of my own military past, association with military since then among intel and security professionals in different places (U.S. UK, Czech and others), I involved myself with a security item you’ll appreciate. Please indulge me Steve, this is serious stuff.

It prevents cell phone tracking (blocks Stingray / Triggerfish), prevents eavesdropping and of course in a different application prevents credit card theft. There is a lot of cheap garbage out there but the items we are involved with are over-engineered and discreet. Embassies are snatching them up because their staff’s phones are constantly being hacked. Different gov’t security services are highly interested, there are high-level folks I can’t name who think it is better than what they are currently using. Different int’l security services have tested them but won’t let us share the results of their internal tests. In some cases they view it both positively and also negatively because they help people they may want to watch, drop off the radar and go ghost when utilized. We’ve got high end military brass of different nations, enthusiastic about them and as a result a tactical version is being developed at my urging – the reason is simple, if you can locate a soldier’s wireless signal or enemy of the state, you can take them out. BTW, do you know that San Francisco International Airport, has in the concourse walls sensors to pull info from every chipped device, every wireless item you carry. And they aren’t the only one. There’s no scanner to walk through, they are in the walls and ceilings. SQ NOTE ALL SMART PHONE USERS AND ELECTRONIC I PADS ETC NEED TO ACQUIRE THIS ITEM ASAP E_MAIL ME WITH WORD 'PHONE BLOCK' IN SUBJECT LINE AND I WILL EMAIL BACK INFO AND PRICING-

Jul 3, 2014

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