HI Steve...I know this is anecdotal and not scientific, but I thought I
would write anyway. My friend in Israel just called me to talk about how
bad things are in Israel. Her brother lives in Askelon and his house was
hit last night. They are not sleeping as they are in and out of the shelter
throughout the night. Summer camps have been canceled as children cannot
get out of a pool and into a shelter in 30 seconds. The government has
asked people in the North to take people from the South into their homes.
My friend expects war to break out tonight or tomorrow. She said things are
flaring up everywhere..Caesarea where she lives, Nazareth and other places.
Yesterday Arabs tried to kidnap a little boy in Caesarea, but a motorist
came along and pulled the boy out of the car. My friend is roughly my age
(60's) and lives in Caesarea not far from Net.'s house. I know as I have
seen it. She said that is why they tried to do the kidnapping there. She
said everything is very tense and no one knows what is going to happen
next. Police are everywhere. The 6 who kidnapped the Palestinian teen were
fanatics. My friend (not a believer) said she can't imagine the mother of
the Frenkel boy talking to and consoling the parents of the Palestinian
boy. Of course, as a Christian I can. It is a very bad situation and all
the people both Palestinian and Jew need our prayers

Jul 8, 2014

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