Subject: Obama double crosses Israel !!!

If you can't see this guy's true nature now; there's no hope for you [for those who still support this fraudulent character], and no hope for our nation if he's re-elected or allowed to pull off a false flag market crash, terrorist attack or whatever thus canceling the November elections. We shall see how this unfolds; but it sure looks ominous right now. He just got through telling Israel that we had their back......now he's 180 degrees the other direction. He can't be trusted!!! I'm not all for attacking Iran but you can't go around double crossing your allies. Everyone better be watching all the Russian Spetsnatz Troops that are now on our soil. They show up to soften up their advisories ahead of an invasion. Remember that Obama was caught, by an open mike, telling Russian leadership that they had nothing to worry about when it comes to the missile shield installation in Europe, he would have more flexibility after November. Cutting deals with the Russians and double crossing the Israelis....... we are in great peril right now. A lot of Obama's buds are ardent communists. The enemy is inside the gates and the drills are about to go live, real world. I sure hope you people that helped put this imposter into office are happy campers now. This has absolutely nothing to do with skin color........it has everything to do with ideology and the guy's double crossing nature.



Sep 2, 2012

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