There is no turning back, surely the Lord is bringing upon this country great judgement to punish the unrepenting, sneering and mockers.

Brother steve, it is with great sorrow and heaviness in my heart that I
write this. The spirit of the Lord bore witness to me today as I sat
meditating on the current events and wondering what will be of what's left
of our country. I picked up my bible and opened at random, this is what the
Lord gave me for our people in this country (JEREMIAH 6 :11-30). As I read, tears filled my
heart and sadness my soul. Thank you for witnessing to our hearts and spirits
long with the Hagmans and Pastor Lankford. our souls are hungry for the
truth and our local churches are asleep. Indeed, while we slept, Satan has
been working on steeling killing and destroying.
May the Lord continue to strenghthen you and give you boldness to speak the
truth. We should never be ashamed of the Lord, nor be concerned that our
name will be mentioned, for the Lord guides our paths and he will keep us
until its due season. JOSE S.

Jul 17, 2014

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