Obama's Hitler Youth in Training? Photos will be posted in Viewers Photos-UPDATED 7/18/14

I'm currently doing some training at Camp Atterbury, IN and there is a group of about 50 boys here ages 10-15 maybe? At first I just figured they were at a normal summer boot camp. Then I noticed the reflective vests they are wearing that say, "Community Emergency Response Team". This doesn't really alarm or shock me since myself and your listeners know they are training our children to be snitches and act as Obama's Hitler Youth. It really reminded me of everything I have been reading from Dave Hodges for what they have planned for our children. I just figured I'd share with you and your listeners. I'm attaching 2 pictures, 1 of the reflective vest and 1 of the kids in his camo uniform. I can only imagine the brainwashing they are doing on these young boys.-------RESPONSE- Good Morning, Sir! I saw the post about Atterbury yesterday, but was only able to show it to my Hubby this morning. He is spending long hours teaching the very group of kids that the author mentioned.

Hubby is one of the instructors at the annual CERT class.....Community Emergency Response Team. They train kids how to handle stuff like fires, earthquakes, bad storms, etc. Today they are learning to use fire extinguishers. There is rappelling training, search and rescue stuff, you name it. YES, they are wearing old uniforms (the woodland camo, since it is cheap and readily available at surplus stores, since it's not the cool digi camo everyone else wears). It keeps the students from showing up to a rescue training in shorts and flip flops. It's modest (for the girls) and sturdy and practical. But there is NO political indoctrination involved. Lots of the kids are home schooled (several wanted to go to church w/ us Wednesday night, but we couldn't figure out how to do that, logistically). The kids are very politically conservative as a group. Today is their last day, but if you can get ahold of the author of that post he (and you too) are invited to come see what they are doing. Our own son and his friend went thru the class. When they are done, they are issued a bright red backpack with a flashlight, first aid supplies, a wrench to turn off leaky gas pipes, etc. These are good kids that want to help, but they are having fun too.

My Hubby's work phone is (redacted.) Yeah, it'll come up Indiana Department of Homeland Security. He works at the Search and Rescue Training Center...mostly with dog people. He's the "Facility Coordinator", which means he's a glorified janitor and clean up guy, and coordinates their training with the Army stuff at Atturbury. ....which means their trainees can use the rappel towers and the Army can use our rubble piles (it's a pretty impressive stack of ugly WWII era concrete slabs), dog training area, etc.

You are welcome to come and see what they are doing. We have nothing to hide. Thanks, and wishing you a good weekend!

Jul 17, 2014

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