Foreign Troops coming to New Mexico


I came across some disturbing information recently that I believe needed to be passed on. I have a very close relative that is a contractor on White Sands Missile Range in New Mexico. He/she is in the logistics department and works on a variety of programs. He/she is working on one program in particular which I believe is called N.E.I. I am not positive on the name but anyways this program handles training of foreign troops for deployments in places like the middle east, Afghanistan in particular. He/she told me that the program, N.E.I., usually has 1,000-2,000 troops from one country on the base for training at one time. Well, he/she said that there are 15,000 troops from various countries all over the world coming to the base at the beginning of November this year, 2012. This is unheard of for them to host this many troops from more than one country at one time. This is very odd, especially when you consider the timing of these troops arrival and the presidential elections. This relative of mine knows nothing or believes any conspiracy theory or martial law or anything of that nature so, to have this person tell me this means something very strange is going on there.

God bless,

Sep 5, 2012

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