Steve, I went to Save A Lot today and I noticed the were out of Ball regular size canning lids. When I was by the canning section a lady told me no one has them she has been all over and even Walmart is out of them. Then another women told me the same thing ! I went to Fred's a discount store they were out of Balls lids too but had some Golden Harvest for only a $1.25, so I picked a few up just to have extra. I remember reading a while back how in the 70's there was a shortage of canning lids. So I have been buying a few extra every year and I have been putting them back, On my way home I stopped at the Farm Supply store and checked out their lids they had less then a case of lids left. Please let the folks know that there is a shortage in the making. Having extra lids on hand is important, they are not that expensive to stock up on and can be used as a very good item to barter with. You see you can't can your food with lids,, and most of the time they are not reusable..Stay safe and well...Joy

Jul 24, 2014

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