Dearest Steve,

We have been overwhelmed by such a tremendous outpouring of love and support for Greg. We find ourselves amazed at the selfless offers from those of you who have offered to donate a kidney. Greg was discharged from the hospital Friday afternoon and he has been resting. He is still feeling rather yucky from everything that's happened, but is improving. We pray his kidney function will return, but must prepare for the alternative, as you all know. With all the changes in diet and meds, we have been concentrating on keeping him on track. I apologize for not responding immediately to your emails. We downloaded over 700 hundred......most miscellaneous, along with the treasured life saving correspondence from you. After sorting it all out we have had 12 people offer kidneys to date. THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF OUR HEARTS!

We will be visiting the Doctor tomorrow and will have more details for you then. We also need to speak with our insurance company to determine what exact coverage we have for this surgery, for both Greg and a donor. Greg wasn't scheduled for screening at The University of Wisconsin Madison until Sept. 11th. We don't know at this time if that will be moved up. Greg is stabilized for the moment, but of course time is of the essence because it will take time to find the perfect match.

We will email details to you as we have them. We do know that a donor must be an O positive blood-type, no hypertension, diabetes, kidney issues or cancer. We live in Michigan near the Wisconsin border, so I'm sure it would be logistically advantageous if the donor is in a closer proximity to us, however, they can air flight organs if necessary.

This is all the updates we have for you presently. I will send more pertinent details as we have them. Below is the link to the transplant website with all the information.

We thank our precious Lord Jesus that we are so blessed with family and friends so willing to make such a sacrifice for Greg. We are immensely grateful to our dear brother Steve Quayle for posting the alert and facilitating our communication with each of you.

Your continued prayer support is evident as we feel the peace that only comes from God above surround and up-grid us as we move forward. You are all examples of His unconditional love. May God's blessings rain down upon your lives and families tenfold. John 15:13.

Sending you our love and deepest gratitude,
Greg and Liz

Jul 28, 2014

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