HEADS UP ON EBOLA BY VIROLOGIST:The reason the media keeps repeating that mission medicine groups are pulling out is because they’ve never seen an outbreak in this scale before

My friend who is virologist sent me this email when I asked him what he thought about the Ebola virus & should I be concerned. He sent me preparedness list to have to adapt to any virus should there be an outbreak & the rest of this email that I wanted to share...take it for what it is:

With all that out of the way …………this plan is a framework of thought so that it is adaptive to any biological outbreak, however I’m here to tell you that the 1917 flu killed 500,000 Americans when the population was 1/20 of what it is today. In addition, the 1917 Flu killed more people in 1 year than the Bubonic Plague killed in 5 years (Europe).

The reason the media keeps repeating that mission medicine groups are pulling out is because they’ve never seen an outbreak in this scale before. Why they aren’t flying this patient to Fort Detrick containment facility first before Emory is unknown to me other than Emory and CDC have sequencing capabilities and Fort Detrick does not. I received a tweet from a colleague virologist in the field, Africa. His comment, “Much much worse than media is saying…. coming home”. I ask…..why wouldn’t they set up shop inside the massive BSL 4 facility at CDC? Emory? This virus has a 65% mortality rate not 80% which means it has traded off pathogenesis for the ability to “jump” i.e. move from patient to patient. Currently all that is known about this virus is that Blood or body fluid to mucus membrane direct contact, however, I now question that guideline recommendation for safe handling because the DOCTOR and NURSES who went straight away to the HOT ZONE are now infected and 2 nurses dead already that were trained to handle this virus infection in patients with “barrier protection” as recommended by CDC.

Bottom line: I believe this virus is traveling on micro droplets of lung water vapor thus the virus is airborne and bio-safety training for airborne virus means RESPIRATORS of which none of the personal on site are wearing and people are coming home from service in Africa who won’t know they are infected. This virus has a 21 day infectivity period. All virus in this class are limited for spreading and jumping because Ebola, Marburg, Lasa etc all KILL their host too fast i.e. 7-10 days and that includes primary infection to crash and bleed out. This virus is 21-30 days? Huge difference in number of people an infected person can get close to with an incubation of 21-30 days vs 7-10. I believe this virus is a mutant thus reason they are taking the patient to Emory so the CDC and Emory labs can sequence it. Fort Detrick does not have that capability. Call me crazy but I’m not leaving it to chance even with a minute chance of it happening. Be prepared my friend!

Here is the list:

He said this list us adaptable to whatever virus we come in contact with...Here is the list for those who asked:

Because I believe standard municipalities and public tax paid services will largely melt down in a disaster event, meaning these services will be non-existent, I have included additional items of convenience. Municipalities and governmental services include: electricity, water/sewer, gas, fire and rescue, police, hospitals. No retail will exist during a pandemic flu event. NO GOVERNMENT HELP (see below ARTICLES and INFORMATION of INTEREST). Grocery stores and gas stations will NOT be open, not to mention the obvious risk of exposure every time you leave your secured “hunker down” dwelling. Hospitals will be the LAST RESORT avoid them at all cost. They will be inherently be filled with human virus vectors and a hoard of people who don’t know better. The hospital will not be able to help you. The hospital will be understaffed and overpopulated beds. Hospital staff will also want to take care of their own until stability. If someone in your household is symptomatic with flu it is imperative that you isolate them immediately and assign them a designated caretaker (always mask patient and caretaker). The caretaker will remain in isolation with the sick individual without any contact with others for the duration of the eight week period in order to prevent further household transmission.


Aug 2, 2014

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