The demonic movie Lucy:very succinct and discerning overview-THANK YOU MARTIN G.

The demonic movie Lucy
The movies main topic kept talking about evolution and how man has evolved
and will continue to evolve. Eventually, Lucy is forced to have a package
of drugs inserted into her stomach to transport. During transport shes
kicked in the stomach to where the bag of drugs opens up and her body
consumes the contents. This allows her to use more than the 10% of her
brain that normal people use.
She eventually becomes super human, where there are glimpses of her pretty
much being an alien and or demon. However, the movie glorifies the fact
that she changes into a non-human. She receives super human powers and is
able to travel through time and has power over quantum physics and all
matter. They are trying to say that at full evolution, a person will become
like God being able to travel through time and have power and authority
over all matter. In the movie, Lucy becomes invisible and is everywhere and
knows everything and is in control over all matter.
They are pushing this idea of a DNA upgrade. You can become like God if you
evolved into more than just your little old human self. What God made isnt
good enough and we are trying to find a way to become just like Him or
better yet, better than Him.
Its the same lie that has been told from the very beginning. Eat the
forbidden fruit and you will become like God. This time, there are going to
be eternal consequences of eating that forbidden fruit. They will sell the
idea about getting your DNA upgraded so you can live forever. This is why
those that take the mark may never repent and will be punished eternally.
It will be because they wont be able to die. They will have their DNA
modified and will not be able to undo what they have done. They will
essentially become a hybrid nephalim and the consequences of that have
already been told throughout the bible. Look what happened to the
Caananites, Hittites, Hivites, etc God had no mercy on them and utterly
destroyed them. This is going to happen again with those that take the
mark. The mark will be a lie that people will flock to take, so they can
live forever and have their DNA upgraded.
The movie paints a picture of the mindset of those who want to change Gods
creation and make their own version of His truth. Their version is a lie
and will be eternal damnation.
For Gods children, do not be deceived. To live forever by any other means,
than by the blood of Jesus is a fraudulent lie from the pit of hell. God
says that it is appointed for man to die once and then the judgment.
Anyone that tries to skip over the dying once part is trying to turn God
into a liar and they will unfortunately pay for it for eternity.
Jesus is coming back very soon and when He comes back, His enemies will be
His footstool. The Christians who are weary and scared, rest in Him. It
will be a pleasure and an honor to suffer for Christ. This world is
temporary and we will soon be with Him for eternity.

Marty G.

Aug 2, 2014

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