Satan is trying to take over by polluting our stream of consciousness with vile thoughts and their subsequent actions. It's like a pure river of life that is being totally polluted to the point that it kills all the FISH! (pun intended)

Stephen over the weekend I was giving thought to how the Lord defends his people and looking at it from a perspective of self defense. Not to imply that God is never on the offense, but I took this perspective in context of the fallen angels as the aggressors. I'm sending this to you as it went into a whole other direction about fallen angels, Nephilim and God defending his people from them.

This view of self defense starts with the first huge destruction we see in scripture and that would be the flood of Noah. Why was the flood sent? In a nut shell, the earth had been corrupted--violence/wickedness and man's DNA being polluted by fallen angel offspring etc. In other words, "except those days had been shortened no flesh would have been saved!". So you could say the flood was sent as an act of self defense to preserve God's people against a hostile enemy via preserving a family of eight who had not been corrupted. If God did not act in self defense there would have been nothing left of a genetically pure human. Satan was waging war against God and his people and God took action to defend "himself" so to speak.

Next, after the Exodus the Israelites go out and begin slaughtering "men, women and children" in various lands, but how can this also be self defense? I would call it "pro-active self defense". I see the reasons for what Israel did to her enemies in the OT to generally be the same reasons as the cause of the flood of Noah--Nephilim genetics and wickedness. Had the Nephilim been left unchecked then the earth would once again be overrun with genetically corrupted humans. It may not look like self defense from the perspective of mankind, but God is the one with the timeless perspective. On this topic, some OT verses seem really harsh when it comes to eliminating men, women and children. I don't know what happens to all those people as far as their eternal destiny is concerned, but I tend to think that God knows what he is doing ...imagine that! If we think for one moment that we understand the entire plan of the Most High Living God of Eternity I think we are really kidding ourselves. He is NOT merciless and without pity! Somehow we will see this concept of a loving God applied throughout history. I am confident that in the end ALL critics of God will be silenced and terrified at the infinite wisdom of a Loving God.

Now to turn attention to the New Testament; we are at war! We are defending the eternal Gospel of Jesus Christ. But is this also a type of self defense? Well that is my next point. As opposed to the OT days of Nephilim and their DNA in these NT times Satan is trying to spread what I would loosely term "Nephilim consciousness DNA", by that I mean Satan is pushing a stream of consciousness that contains the "thought filth" of the original sins of the fallen angels and their offspring. This is more or less what we are seeing since the 60's or thereabouts. I mean an infiltration of thoughts and thus a life style that is totally debased that finds it's origins in the fallen angels and their offspring from the days of Noah. If you look at the giants as "flesh portals" for the purpose of the perverted thoughts of fallen angels to play out on this planet then today the "giants" are the people who adhere to the lifestyle of Satan! They are portals for the will of Satan. For example, today the Godly view of a marriage between one man and one woman is under attack. From whom and how? It comes from all the people who have chosen to become these flesh portals on behalf of the will of the fallen angels. The people putting forth an ungodly marriage union are the children of the fallen angels in the same way that Jesus said to the Pharisees you are of your father the devil. These people are helping to prepare the "consciousness landscape" for the return of the fallen angels ...and their literal offspring.

Satan is trying to take over by polluting our stream of consciousness with vile thoughts and their subsequent actions. It's like a pure river of life that is being totally polluted to the point that it kills all the FISH! (pun intended). Arguably you could say this began around the 60's. A time when Satan really began polluting mainstream thought so that today people accept things that are totally insane--which ultimately kills them dead! ..."Killing the fish"!! The threat is really not much different than the old days from this perspective as the end result is death! Back then a giant may crush a man under foot, or a fallen angels could easily cut a men to pieces--today their consciousness is what kills. It has taken a few decades, but dead is dead. Today no one sees literal fallen angels or giants ...yet. I would say based on this info. that the literal giants would once again show up because it seems that the pre-flood days of literal giants and these days of debased Nephilim consciousness are coming together. See it's not just the fallen angels, their offspring and their DNA that is the problem, it's also their disgusting and debased INHUMAN view of morality that pollutes the river and kills the fish. Kind of like WORMWOOD that makes the water bitter and many "fish" die of the waters... The Nephilim's hateful perverted stream of consciousness and their filthy thoughts and values are at least as hideous and frightening as their physical stature! It is inevitable that they show up in some capacity because these days you could say this is their type of stream of consciousness and they want to dwell in it once again. They like the filthy river of polluted thoughts!

Here is an example of what I mean. A while back I remember you talking on the radio about giants being kept in cages (paraphrasing here), one thing you said stood out to me--you talked about how they were in these massive cages because of their strength, but also said that there was a chalk line around the cage and if a man went beyond that line and got too close to the giant they would die! That is a confirmation for me concerning what I am saying about the giants being flesh portals of the filthy thoughts of the fallen angels. It seems to me that just the "brain power" of a giant will kill a man! Therefore they make strong flesh portals for the will of the fallen angels in this reality. I'm not talking about intelligence per se, I'm just talking about how their filthy thoughts can permeate this consciousness river and pollute it. They "pierce" the cleanliness and innocence of the river--maybe this is what the piercing Dragon of Isaiah 27:1 is guilty of?? and what about Ezekiel 29:3? "Thus saith the Lord GOD; Behold, I am against thee, Pharaoh king of Egypt, the great dragon that lieth in the midst of his rivers, which hath said, My river is mine own, and I have made it for myself". Is this all about rivers of consciousness reserved for mankind that the Dragon has pierced and thus polluted?

Now imagine 10,000 giants running around the planet wreaking havoc, it's not just their stature, it's also that they have very strong filthy thoughts that they are spewing out of their cranium 24/7. This alone can overcome a man! It's like that chalk line is getting larger and larger. They are polluting the consciousness river with their very existence on this planet! Something like this: "the wickedness of man was great in the earth, and that every imagination of the thoughts of his heart was only evil continually". ...ya and how did it get this way? Could it be from the presence of the Nephilim poisoning that river of consciousness? Their evil thoughts pierce the consciousness of this reality and then comes actions! Indeed, there seems to be evidence of this very concept of thoughts and then actions. Example from the book of Enoch--First the thoughts: "And the angels, the children of the heaven, saw and lusted after them, and said to one another: 'Come, let us choose us wives from among the children of men and beget us children. And then comes the actions: "...And Azazel taught men to make swords, and knives, and shields...". ..."Semjaza taught enchantments, and root-cuttings".

So with all this in mind I could see preaching the gospel as self defense just like when the Lord destroyed the giants and their wickedness with a flood and just like when OT Israel was destroying the giants with the Sword. We are doing the same thing; defending ourselves against the fallen angels and their offspring. Our weapon is the truth of the everlasting Gospel. On the offensive side of things; if no one preaches the truth then Satan will infiltrate/pierce this reality, set up his flesh portals, pollute the river and kill all the fish!! Which is close to what has happened. We are the ones that need to implement a "River Cleanup" program so it can once again be filled with healthy fish. One reason we preach the truth is to keep at bay the fallen angels whose weapon in this day is a filthy polluted amoral stream of consciousnesses put forth in this reality via their minions/"flesh portals". We spread the gospel to get rid of flesh portals of the devil; ideally by converting an individual into a "portal of righteousness".

We are all "living portals" to a higher consciousness or spirit. We either live for Christ or Satan. Our actions are manifesting from our thoughts and our thoughts are manifesting from somewhere! It's not just some mystery thing out there in space or something. I realize we have free will, we are not robots, but we are instructed to bring every thought into captivity for Christ and to me this seems to be the epitome of this concept of cleaning up the river. Why do we have to take every thought captivity? Well the verse also says "casting down imaginations" and that these imaginations are "high things" that exalt themselves against the knowledge of God! We take every thought captive to cast down "high imaginations/thoughts" from the fallen angels who try to exalt their filthy thoughts above the knowledge of God. We should take captivity our thoughts for Christ because the river is polluted and we have to filter out the fallen angel "thought pollution"! We destroy the lies w/ the truth and it starts with our thoughts and then our actions, specifically the action of sharing the Gospel. Spreading the Gospel of truth is pro-active self defense on behalf of mankind against the fallen angels and the "flesh portal thought war" they wage against us.

It seems that pro-active self defense and offense look a lot alike. I think this perspective portrays the aspect that Satan has come to kill, steal and destroy. They are the original aggressors--while the Christian is as harmless as a Dove. ...well, I suppose they don't see us that way because portals of truth are deadly to them! From the perspective of fallen angels I suspect they see the men, women and children of the sincere Christian church as warriors on the offense, but they won't admit it to themselves ...yet.

Talk to you later Stephen, 2 CORINTHIANS 10:5
Mikhael G.

Aug 11, 2014

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