Who Needs Implantable Chips? You’re already Carrying One

Who Needs Implantable Chips? You’re already Carrying One

Yes, that’s right. All of this hand wringing about a future time when we’ll all be fitted with implantable tracking chips is here.
But you say, “Nonsense, I’m not chipped and nobody is going to make me!” And the Orwell thing possibly seems far off and something we’ll have to address later. Too late, it’s already happening and you’re fine with it and in fact most everyone seems fine with it. Oh sure, many people reading this will argue, “not me!” But the truth is yes, you. Because you have been on the watch for some grand statement or event to usher in such an oppressive era, and it sneaked right into your life and you welcomed it in the form of convenience. It’s called a SIM card and it stands for Subscriber Identity Module.

Your cell phone is that tracking chip, it is the device capable of listening and watching you, you just choose to ignore it or to be in denial. When I speak with people about this I hear two lame responses: “I’m not doing anything wrong so let them listen; let them watch.” Well okay, so sorry to interrupt your state of ignorant bliss – go back to sleep. Or they proclaim, “But there is nothing I can do about it.” Ah, but there is.

First let’s talk about mobile phones and shatter a few myths. Smart phones are more susceptible primarily because they are more portable computers than they are telephones, so with that kind of connectivity you are very vulnerable. But even older tech phones are vulnerable to at least tracking – carrying a tracking beacon is not very different from strobes on an aircraft broadcasting your location to anyone interested. And forget about satellites, why would anyone commit such expensive assets when cell towers are much easier and a cheaper option. And I don’t think it is necessary to talk about Stingray, is it? In this case, you ought to just drive to the police department of every town you pass through and just hand them you cell phone and say, “Here ya’ go.”

I argued with people, especially so-called technical experts who hide behind their theory of physics, about removing the battery. First of all, you cannot remove the battery from a Smartphone. Second, there is another little battery, which keeps your clock going and the reason you don’t have to reset it after the battery has been removed. Now, you may think that battery only has so much power and it too shuts down. Well, I’ve got news for you, cupcake, very little power is required to do the things I am describing and even if the battery goes out microwaves can light it up enough to identify your location and pull data. Some Wi-Fi zones have enough power to ID what / who is passing through. I’ve spoken with people who, while travelling through (unnamed) airports reported their phones, the batteries of which were dead, were suddenly charging without being connected to an electrical source – but how can that be?

Now, back to the subject of those of us who might be persons of interest to whomever. If you are a proud or even passive member of any organization that supports traditional values of any sort, the NRA is one example that comes to mind, you’re wearing a bull’s-eye. If you are a military veteran, they’ve already got your number (literally). If you comment online about anything libertarian, conservative or Constitutional or you are a thinking person who has the audacity to question the world around us, there’s probably an algorithm intended especially for you and your ilk. Even people who slant left are not excluded. My point is that everyone is susceptible, but some of us are of more interest than others at any given time.

So, what to do about it? Well, to put it bluntly you need to sacrifice some of that unnecessary convenience you’re addicted to. Don’t throw away your phone, which would be silly because, if you noticed, there aren’t many telephone booths remaining. But consider this; remember not long ago when landlines were the standard by which we lived? You could periodically check your answering machine to see what you missed and then call back. You got by just fine. I am suggesting you dispense with excuses and manage your life better because currently your conveniences are passively managing you. Check in with significant others by phone only at certain times, periodically throughout your day, otherwise just put it away – you’ll live, I promise you.

You don’t have to turn it off or leave it at home, which wouldn’t make much sense. I suggest that you invest in something that shields your phone against others and, at the same time, shields you from it. This will require a change in lifestyle; it means not being available at the whim of others for what are mostly trivial matters anyway. I mean, what are you, a dog waiting for your master(s) to whistle? Dogs are getting implantable chips too – for their wellbeing of course, but then again dogs don’t carry cell phones like you or me.

There are products that will solve this issue for you and with them you can prevent distractions, choose to be available when you want to be and even prevent interruptions while you sleep – imagine that! As it is now, I bet many who are reading this carry their phone with them into the bathroom, at the dinner table and set it next to their heads when they sleep; it’s become a wooby, a security blanket people refuse to let go and cling to like a lifeline. Instead I challenge you to check in when you need to, and then put it away, thus making yourself less available. Not only then unavailable to distractions but also unavailable to those with no business sticking their virtual noses into your life, knowing where you are or what you are doing between times of active phone activity. Remove the bread-crumb trail by which the ravens follow you.

But if you are going to buy something, get a quality product that works, because there is a lot of junk out there and if you want peace of mind, be sure you are in fact protected. I notice Steve Quayle offers just such products on his website and you’d be wise to recognize the new reality.

Aug 13, 2014

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