BEEF,PORK AND CHICKEN- Costs Rising Due to Shortages

Steve, I went to Save A Lot yesterday and I have an update from my Butcher friend. I asked what was going to be on sale next week. He told me Sirloin Tip at $3.99 a lb. 2 weeks ago it was on a 3 day sale for 2.69. He told me that 3.99 is a good price because the prices of beef will be shooting up even higher. When I asked why he told me there are beef shortages and that they are going to raise the price to stop consumers from buying it. Nice right, wait there's more he then told me that pork will be going through the roof due to more piglets having to be put down because of illness and that chicken prices will be going up dramatically... The good news is whole pork lions will be on sale for 1.99 per lb...I will be getting a few to can and freeze some pork chops. Next week is leading into the Labor Day weekend and stores tend to run good sales on meat, and if I can still get boneless chicken breast for 1.99 I will be buying that too. Please tell my brothers and sisters that this may be the last chance they have to stock up on meats at a fair price. Time is running short, and with all the STUFF going on it would not be a bad idea to have your pantry and freezers stocked, and canning supplies on hand in case you need to can what is in the freezer. Stay well and safe my brother in Christ...Joy

Aug 24, 2014

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