“The blind see, and the lame walk, the lepers are cleansed, and the deaf hear, the dead are raised up, and the gospel preached to the poor.” Matt 11.5

An amazing healing tesimony has already come back on only day 2! There are mostly muslim families in the outer camps but many are letting the team pray with them. The other day some of the team prayed for a boy with a clubbed foot who was unable to walk. Today they returned to an excited father reporting that his son could walk AND RUN!! Wow! Thank You JESUS!!!

The team went to an outer refugee camp and did an in depth census of each of the families to determine their needs. Toby did medical assessments for a “ton of people” as the census was going on, passed out the cranberry extract for UTI’s, eczema cream, diaper rash cream for babies, and much more of the supplies we sent over were distributed. Toby found two women who had just ran out of their insulin injections and their blood sugar was skyrocketing. The team headed back out with the insulin for an emergency treatment of the two ladies but an IED (improved explosive device) went off and the roads were all blocked off so they were unable to get to them. There are many babies and all with health issues as many women no longer breastfeed but put the babies straight on formula. Being a nursing mother, natural hippiesh type person, my mind is racing on what we can do to help these precious babies. Nourish the mothers who are so they can nourish their babies better? Send over brewers yeast for those that are nursing and can help by functioning as a wet nurse?

How you can help: They have a list from the census on what to buy for the families and will be buying those items and distributing over the next few days. Monetary donations are going straight to those supplies so please share this and spread awareness as much as you can. Under the donations tab there are two ways to donate. Brewyers yeast: I am sending over packets of brewers yeast, if you would like to donate brewers yeast or have any ideas for packaged items that will help the women have nutritious breastmilk or start their milk back up, please email me at avpreppers@gmail.com
Prayer: Today please be praying for exposure of anyone operating within the city that would set IED’s or cause havoc. Please agree with me that enemies would be exposed and caught, any bombs or shootings planned would be thwarted, IEDS will be disarmed, and weapons will malfunction. Please Speak and believe this with me “No weapon formed against the innocent lives will prosper” DONATIONS CAN BE MADE AT THE BELOW LINK

Aug 26, 2014

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