Steve, I have also noticed a lesser amount of chicken in our (mid Atlantic) area. It's also higher priced than in the past. When I read Joy's message in your alert section this morning, it reminded me of what happened several weeks ago. For the past several years I have been buying organic meat from a local butcher/corner grocery/sub shop Ma and Pa store. Every week I buy five pounds of ground chuck, as they give a discount for doing so. Last week I went there and was told that they had no ground chuck, that I would have to call ahead from now on to see if they have any to order. I asked why, and was told that they aren't selling as much of it anymore, so they aren't keeping it on hand. This seems very strange to me. Their meat is so high quality that local restaurants buy their meat from this place. A meat market with hardly any meat? They always had a full variety of great quality meats. This season they have had NO local crab meat. Crabs are scarce this year, due to the odd weather. (Keep in mind this is on the shores of Chesapeake Bay.) Little to no chicken. Their meat case hasn't had nearly half as much as in the past. Our local Food Lion has had a sign all season about the lack of lettuce and salad items due to bad weather in growing areas. I hope everyone will heed Joy's advice. Something odd is going on. By the time the "media" says anything, it will be too late. I thank you, and all the watchmen for standing on the wall. I pray for you always. Dolores

Aug 29, 2014

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