Today, we went to give the Kurdish Peshmerga aid. We showed up and the high ranking officers made us sit down for a large lunch. We felt guilty eating when there are people in such dire circumstances, but we would have offended them greatly. It is their custom to bless visitors. They explained to us that they are so grateful for us to come and help, because they really need medical aid. They said they are also VERY grateful for the US air strikes that have helped them push back ISIS they said they are not just fighting for Kurdistan, they are fighting for humanity, because ISIS is against all of humanity.

It's amazing, they have opened their lands to refugees from any creed and ethnicity. Now they fight to push ISIS back from the cities they forced the refugees out of, so they can go back home. They defend themselves and the refugees who aren't even Kurdish. They are the ones who faught to open the road and get the 40,000 Yizidis off Mt. Sinjar.

I felt such a burden to help them, to really help them any way possible. I felt so guilty our country/administration could have wiped out and can wipe out ISIS completely and does the bare minimum or less.

They are so noble and honorable, I feelt so appreciative for their perspective and for their willingness to stand up and fight for all of us. They are warriors with strong spirits and noble character, we delivered many care packages and aid to dozens of soldiers.

They have been persecuted for years by Saddam, and now ISIS wants to destroy them and the refugees they have taken in. Many throughout history have tried to wipe them out. They have developed a warrior culture so similar to the Israelis it's crazy, many of the commanders look and act like Benjamin Netanyahu does, such a calm confidence and air of firmness and respect.

We tried to pray for and thank every soldier, but they would always thank us so much more for coming to support them and help them, it was so moving.

We prayed with each one we treated, they where so open to the prayer and it blessed them. I love these men.

It looks like they will invite us back regularly to give medical aid and they specifically requested a combat trauma class from us; what to do if your buddy gets shot...etc. Right up our alley. It will be amazing help to them to pass that knowledge on. They have guys dying from the simplest gunshot and shrapnel wounds...stuff that they shouldn't be dying from. If they had a couple hours training, they would have lived.

They are in desperate need of CAT tourniquets, if you can provide bulk shipments or donate so we can purchase, it would be amazingly helpful and could save many lives.

Find info to send shipments or donate at http://fightthegoodfight91.com/

Thank you. JEREMIAH

Sep 2, 2014

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