This is pretty simple when you look at it. Clint told my friend and the
class this story last weekend, and made it sound like it took place in the
last week or 2. Clint told Geri, it did take place after she inquired to
him... BUT now it was 5 years ago. So Clint is now changing his timeline,
but did tell Geri it took place. I'm CONVINCED what my buddy told me, and
I do try to debunk alot of this stuff, as Steve knows from the past. We
are way to close from a real event for BS. Clint is the key here. He told
the original story to my friend, he told Geri something different (5 years
ago story), and as Geri told me, the police dept said it NEVER happened.
So from never, to 5 years go, to a few weeks ago...........Clint is the
key to the answer. I was just the messanger, trying to put the alert out.
At this point does it really matter at when, he admitted it took place. So
they was here (terrorists in Hattiesburg) at some point, with recent
events, ISIS, etc..........more likely recently....wouldn't you think?? I
provided a contact name and even a phone number for the source, Clint. I
think I did enough at this point to help prove to someone (myself or my
friend) that we just didnt make up this story, maybe Clint did? Personally
I think at this point we're beating a dead horse, so I'm moving on with
the news of today. I'm sorry if this left Steve in the hot seat, having to
take any un necessary heat. I don't BS, fear monger, etc. Some people out
there are depending on people like us to give them that notice to "bug
out" I do take this VERY serious, like my buddy who told the
story. This is ONLY one piece to the puzzle, of the coming
events.......let's focus on the rest of the puzzle as this next week

Sep 8, 2014

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