As you read this uplifting update from Jamie please meditate on the power of his statements everytime he says muslims thanked Jesus or they called on the Name of Jesus…wow. No words can express the power of that image. Please continue to pray for the refugees, troops, and our team!

An uplifting update from Jamie:

“Yesterday we went to to the headquarters of the Zervanny, which are Kurdish Special Forces. Once there we trained about 30 “combat medics” that they had brought in from other front line units to be trained in tactical combat casualty care. The goal was to train and equip them to then go to each respective unit and facilitate all the Peshmaega eventually being trained. If it actually happens that way, it would be quite a feat as they said their troops come out of fighting for things like headaches and sore knees. I was adamant that we were training them to be able to stay in the fight, overwhelm the enemy, and win the day; ISIS has to be defeated with ferocity. It seemed as if it was well received, but you never know what all is lost in translation.

After completing that, we were taken to a family with many needs. It ended up being a man with 2 wives and several small kids that literally had nothing. They had fled from Qaraquosh when ISIS came in; they lost everything. The one wife is in like stage 4 cancer and cannot get any medical care. She said she doesn’t care about anything other than just desperately wanting a single room somewhere where they could all live. We unloaded a van full of food and basic house stuff, told them we will be finding them an apartment and covering the rent, and they prayed over them. They were Sunni, but thanked Jesus (because of the Name we came in) for sending us to them.

After that we spent some time at the house. Everybody runs errands and does random stuff while we wait for things to align. It is difficult to square things away here just because of the culture…… It like planning/ timing/ organizing with 500,000 Moncivaizs at one time…….yeah, I know, super crazy right!

A few of us decided to just reload the van and go look for some refugees who may have been over looked by other aid organizations. We ended up finding an abandoned school that was be used by about 150 people. They had little, so we unloaded the van and prayed a blessing over them. They were very grateful. We returned to the house and reloaded the van just in case we came across anyone else.

After waiting around forever to go out at night for Ed’s last night we got a call for another need. It was about 9:30 by then. A contact we made, knew of a 3 year old boy in a children’s hospital with leukemia. She asked if some of us would just go there and pray over him……. This is pretty cool because our contact is Muslim, but has been watching us the past few weeks. 4 of us went. It is so horribly sad. Their hospitals are a far cry from ours. There were so many kids that you know aren’t going to live much longer….. Just horrible. Jeremiah and I went in and laid hands on him; I prayed that God would be merciful to his mama in this land that has already lost too many children…….. I cry out, come lord Jesus, come! Everyone was quite when we left there.

As we were leaving to eat dinner (12 am) we then saw a family sitting on the side of the road. One woman was handicapped, there was an other woman, and man, and a little kid; they were Muslim. We just stopped really fast and pulled over. After asking their situation we proceeded to unload the van, which we had reloaded earlier in the day, to their amazement. They sat in awe. I told our translator to tell them that the love of Jesus, the savior, was upon them. They worshiped towards heaven with true thanksgiving over and over again. When we left our interpreter said that they called on the name of Jesus and asked his blessing to be upon us.

After that, we finally went and ate and had a huuka. Long days, but well worth everything.

Today we just got back from our contacts home for a fare well lunch for Ed. While we were there (we’ve been there almost every day for one reason or another) her servant, who is an Ethiopian messianic Jew (hey, everything is possible in Kurdistan) timidly walked in front of everyone and asked if we would pray over her……. and of course, we all stood, gathered, and laid hands on her. It was really special. Our contacts family is sitting there watching all of this as usual. – You never know what God is accomplishing in this time and place, but I know it is far beyond anything I could ever ask or comprehend.” – Jamie

Sep 13, 2014

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