We are seeing truly unprecedented circumstances in the protein commodity markets this fall; in fact, they are turned upside down

This is not the usual email from Zaycon Foods – this is what it looks like when a company is honest with its customers. Please take a minute to read this message; it affects all of us.
We are seeing truly unprecedented circumstances in the protein commodity markets this fall; in fact, they are turned upside down. You can see it on the news, in stories online and in print, or simply by checking meat prices at your local grocery store: the extremely short supplies in the beef and pork markets have now pushed into the chicken market, and demand for chicken is up more than 17% nationwide.
This squeeze on the market has not merely reduced supply, it has completely changed production forecasts, impacting the production ability of suppliers of beef, pork, and chicken products. These unforeseen circumstances have caused a marked shift in the availability of products this fall

Zaycon is committed to getting you quality foods at the lowest prices possible. There’s no trick to how we keep pricing so low: we give you the best prices the going market rates allow. And we always try to secure as much inventory as our customers want. As our events near the point of selling out, usually we just order more truckloads from our suppliers. This fall, the inventory is simply not there.

Given the reality of current supply circumstances, we simply must raise the price of our chicken to $2.49 per pound. This is, in all honesty, the smallest increase we can possibly make without actually losing money on this sale.

And there’s more: given the strained supply of chicken available right now, we must move the deliveries scheduled to start in early October to the end of the month.

To be very clear, all past sales will be honored at the price you paid: if you have already ordered your cases of chicken, your event’s date is moving, but your price will not. The new pricing only affects future orders.

Please know that we are working hard to minimize the impact this change will have on you: your deliveries will occur at the same locations and on the same days of the week, but with the dates moved approximately three weeks later.

We will send details about these adjustments soon; please stay tuned to your email, texts, and our Facebook page for updates. Also, for the record: once we can lower pricing again, we’ll do it.

You have our heartfelt thanks for the understanding and loyalty our customers never fail to show us. www.zayconfoods.com


Sep 20, 2014

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