ISIS Killing Our People At Home;

Something came to mind as I lay in bed. Rick Wiles mentioned a few times in the past that the Muslims keep records of Christian church members, where they live, etc. Recently they have been calling for the lone wolfers to kill our people where ever, when ever, how ever possible. They mentioned killing our people in their homes as well. Also, there have been many dreams and visions given to people in the past about such attacks. There is chatter now about them attacking military personnel and their families at home. Without a doubt, unsuspecting church members are also on their list, and will never see it coming until they wake up at night and see some demonized murderous freaks dressed in black ready to kill them, etc.

Obviously, shopping malls, schools, and public events are soft high casualty terror targets.

ALSO...Just speculation here...Anybody on the government's kill list could be easily taken out and ISIS/ISIL/IS given the credit/blame.

Just a thought.

God bless always in His service! J.D. F.

Sep 24, 2014

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