You cant ignore the reality and consequences of the beheading that took place this past week at a food processing facility in Moore, Oklahoma !

In a nutshell, I work for a produce repackaging company wheres about 400
Muslims are employed, about half of which, use knives with 12" blades, 12
to 14 hours a day in the course of their work assignment- any one of which
could take to beheadings at a moments notice.

The question I have now is, how long before mass beheadings begin taking
place in other food processing facilities where the employees are
predominantly Muslim ?

How long before the 400 Muslims where I currently work and the approximate
600 plus Muslims employed at my last job take to Malls, schools,
convalescent homes, popular restaurants, municipal buildings, hospitals,
daycare centers, slaughtering at will and un-abated ?

How long before some biological agent is placed in processed food where
these Muslims are employed ? For produce, the time between packaging and
consumption is usually less than 24 hours, 72 hours at the most. That means
that thousands of people could be infected with Ebola, Anthrax, Small Pox
and other deadly viruses before the first symptoms ever became noticeable.

The above is only 1,000 Muslims from two companies I am aware of, locally.
Obviously, with the beheading that has taken place at a food processing
facility in Moore, Oklahoma, the hidden threat may well be far greater then
that which I originally warned you about. How many Muslims are actually
working in stealth, in other food processing facilities in this country, as
well as other segments of commerce ?

The general U.S. public is absolutely clueless, regarding the enormity of
the Muslim threat that currently faces them.

Well, the RED FLAG I have tried to raise over the past 4 years has only
partially turned into reality. It is a glaring RED beacon that should be
jolting EVERYONE awake ! There will be more incidences to come and, when
they do, maybe the American people will finally wake up !

It has started. The judgment has finally arrived.

Sep 27, 2014

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