Demonic Occult connections:First there was the Black Mass, then the beheading about 10min south of that location. Now there is a bus crash and 4 dead, a college sports team.

Hello Stephen,
First there was the Black Mass, then the beheading about 10min south of that location. Now there is a bus crash and 4 dead, a college sports team. The location of the crash is about 1 hr south of the Black Mass, but the game the softball team had played was near the Civic Center! THE SOFTBALL GAME TOOK PLACE AT SOUTHERN NAZARENE UNIVERSITY--SNU. SNU IS 9 MILES NW OF THE BLACK MASS LOCATION IN OK CITY! ACCORDING TO GOOGLE MAPS THE GAME IS 9 MILES FROM THE BLACK MASS AND THE BEHEADING AT VAUGHAN FOODS IS 11 MILES! ...9 ...11 (this is about softball--there is that "BALL" thing again! what is it with all this stuff and balls?) THE LOCATION OF THE SOFTBALL GAME IS ALSO ABOUT 3 MILES FROM THE "WESTSIDE LIONS CLUB"--THIS IS THE LOCATION OF THE "PAGAN PRIDE DAY" THAT TOOK PLACE ON SEPT 20TH JUST OFF ATHENS AND SPARTA ROADS.


A "descent" concerning this whole Black Mass has been going on! It seems contradictory in a way as it all seems to be about an ascension of Apollo, but I suppose "Death" can only go one way right? Even if it is "ascending" out of a pit... They held the Mass in the BASEMENT of the Civic Center, I mentioned the Mithraic ritual in that long e-mail, but what I did not talk about what the really creepy "descent of the Baphomet" as I call it. Here is a 2 min news clip about the Black Mass and the Civic Center. At around 15-17 sec. into the clip the news anchor and Civic Center official go down into the basement via the stairs. As they descend the camera does a close up of their shoes, it is the creepiest thing, it sounds like hooves echoing upon the marble halls of some sort of Satanic abode! Even looks like hooves the way they descend down IN UNISON making a sound as if a Minotaur/BAPHOMET is approaching! Baphomet: "Baphomet, Lord of the Minotaurs, rules over the Abyssal realm known as the Ivory Labyrinth".

Just found another fatal crash before I was going to send this--same time as bus crash, Friday night. A head-on collision on Rt. 40. THIS EXTENDS THE TOP LINE ON THE MAP MARKED WITH THE 'A' DIRECTLY WEST ABOUT ANOTHER 50 MILES. So with the Bus crash it was a Southbound/Northbound collision. With the Rt 40 crash it is a Eastbound/Westbound collision. Both crashes are pretty much due West and South of the Civic Center location. It seems like maybe something headed West and South? South West of the OK Mass location? Also, I am now realizing, ALL THIS STUFF IN OK CITY CENTERS AROUND ROUTE 40! This is one of the two main routes that goes through the City. "40 days"... NINEVEH! There is something very profound about the Nineveh thing and the Black Mass and the spirit of Islam being released. Unless I am missing something it would appear that the beheading in Moore is the first openly Muslim aggression of this sort in the US? If that is correct then it is simply not a coincidence! It would make sense, as far as I know the OK Black Mass is the first openly permitted Black Mass in the United States of America since it's founding!

Incidentally, speaking in context of the Russ Dizdar and Mr. Hagmann. I recently got really sick, came out of nowhere! Stephen I am a very healthy person, have had one typical winter cold in the past 10+ years! It started when I was writing that long e-mail that I sent to you. Still not feeling well...really hits me at night.

Mikhael G.

Sep 27, 2014

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