We face today the very same destruction of our way of life that Romans failed to prepare for

Hi Steve,

Ive not written you before, but then things have never been as clear and
obvious as they are now. Id urge your readers to educate themselves on the
Gothic invasion of Rome, which started as immigration, progressed to the
decisive defeat of Rome by Fritigern at the Battle of Adrianople in 378 AD.
It ended in 410 AD when Alaric sacked Rome. Thats it, 30 years from
immigration to capitulation.

Why were the Roman legions unable to stop the Goths? Well, by that time
there were precious few Roman legions. Mercenaries and conscripts from
all corners of the Empire filled the ranks. Lightly armed and even more
lightly tied to the Roman cause, these troops simply could not (or would
not) resist the onslaught of the highly motivated Goths. The actual
citizens of Rome were more interested in panem et circenses until Alaric
was knocking on their gates until it was too late.

Ask yourself if there are not parallels in our country today. We face
today the very same destruction of our way of life that Romans failed to
prepare for. I see, as clearly as my hand in front of my face, what
engaging in meaningless military campaigns, having unsound finances,
inviting millions of foreigners into our country and populating our armed
forces with foreign fighters, will bring us.

I do not know if there is anything average citizens can do to prevent a
similar destruction of our country and way of life. It may be a lost cause
already. Quite frankly I dont care one bit about our Empire (what part of
it is yours or mine anyway?). Lets face it, neither respect for American
power nor fear of the American military, ever put a crumb in my childrens
mouths and I take more pride in the fruit of my own labor than in some
transient, inconsequential foreign victory, wrought in our name, with
borrowed money, on behalf of corporate balance sheets.

I do care about my fellows, our liberty and dignity. I do know that each
of us can take steps now to safeguard our family, help our friends and try
to prepare ourselves to weather the coming storm.

While you probably would not consider me particularly religious, I do pray
that the decent people of this country brace themselves and survive the
upheavals that are certain to come. It isnt possible to say exactly how
much time we have, but it is short and getting shorter. To everyone I
care about please, please get busy. We dont have time to waste.

Steve, the Watchman's alarm has not been ignored!

Sep 28, 2014

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