Just because you wear a badge and carry a gun does not necessarily mean you and your family are insulated. Increasingly in our world, which seems to be spinning out of control, that badge and your authority can just as easily make you a target – and by extension, the same goes for your family although I’m sure you already know this.
Among community leaders and authority figures, you stand out more than anyone else in your uniform and patrol car. Even in plain clothes, you’re obvious in your clean haircut, lightweight jacket and sunglasses. Unmarked cars are anything but anonymous as they are usually generic government fleet vehicles identical to one another, bearing non-standard plates. If or when someone with a few loose screws or an extremist wants to lash out, you are the one who draws attention if, for no other reason, because you are among the first responders and a symbol of authority.
Consider tracking and surveillance tools once reserved for use by only those able to obtain a court order are now available to anyone with a credit card and intent, for a little as a hundred bucks. Have you looked at capabilities of hardware and software, once only available to governments and law enforcement? Indeed it is enough to make anyone a little more paranoid – but in my own experience, a little paranoia is good preparedness, as well as it is common sense. Any good cop has a well-developed instinct and intuition regarding their own personal safety, but your family is also vulnerable. And any coward who has a grudge may not necessarily confront you directly? Just as you may track a suspect or criminal by way of their cell phone, it can easily be flipped around and applied to you and your family. Which brings me to my point, cell phones are tracking devices, plain and simple; they are hand-held tracking chips; necessary with lots of fun and entertaining functions but tracking chips nonetheless. Have you considered making those items carried by everyone you care about, less accessible - especially in the event a societal circumstance requires your and your family to lay low and attract less attention? And in such a circumstance, can you conduct your duties as deftly, with a clear head if you are worried about your family members?
It is wise and prudent that members of your household has the ability to render themselves invisible, if and when necessary. By that, I mean rendering their primary means of communication - their cell phone, untraceable for a given period of time, if necessary. A good quality signal-shielding phone case should be something everyone has handy when they need it. If the need arises the case makes you invisible to tracking or eavesdropping. Remove it when you need to use it; check it periodically for messages and then, put it away. Most families already have contingency / emergency plans, such as where to go in the house in the event of a tornado. Or if the house catches fire, everyone will assemble at the street light across the street for accountability, etc. As law enforcement professionals, we already think this way and I am only drawing attention to this additional dimension. Ben Franklin said, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” I have, as do all my family members, what Steve Quayle makes available – just in case.

Sep 29, 2014

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