Eyewitness account of the Return of Oil to Florida Beaches

Good evening Mr. Quayle,

Pictures speak a thousand words. attached to this e-mail you should find two pictures. The first one is of the ocean view from our hotel room and the other of my wife's bathing suit after swimming for 15-20 minutes. Our family stayed this weekend at a Pensacola beach hotel and early this morning,I noticed right away that something was not right with the ocean water which became apparent to me as the day progressed. This was the only day i did not go out with my family to the beach but still chose to take some pictures of the water at around 16:30 local from the balcony shortly before they returned from the beach as it wasn't until they returned that i learned of their eye witness accounts to the photos i took. Needless to say, the oil was back.

peace in Christ.....
pensacola, fl

Sep 10, 2012

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